Overwhelmed by Regulatory Requirements? Simplify EHS Compliance Management

Faced with changing federal, state, county, and local regulations and limited regulatory compliance knowledge, many companies are turning towards external EHS partners for help with compliance management, especially with the upcoming reporting and renewal season. When you outsource your regulatory needs to a partner you can trust, you can rest assured that your organization is audit-ready and in full compliance while focusing on your company’s top priorities. EHS professional services staff can support several components of your compliance management program, including compliance reporting, training, EHS compliance assessments and audits, and implementing plans, permits, and procedures.

Compliance Reporting

With multiple regulatory compliance requirements to juggle, ensuring your reporting is completed accurately and on-time is no easy feat. When a reporting deadline or inspection rolls around, knowing exactly which documents and records you need, and where they are, is integral to avoiding violations and fines. EHS professional services staff can help you implement document management solutions for optimal organization and easy access to important compliance-related documents. Depending on the nature of your research and the location of your facility (regulations in California, for example, differ from federal requirements), these documents may include:

  • EPCRA – Tier II reporting
  • RCRA reporting - Annual/Biennial reporting
  • Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory reporting
  • OSHA Incident reporting
  • Clean Water Act (CWA) reporting
  • Clean Air Act (CAA) reporting

For more efficient tracking, Triumvirate Environmental works with organizations to implement a detailed Compliance Calendar to ensure on-time regulatory reporting submissions. If you already have a Compliance Calendar, we can review and update it for accuracy.

Compliance Training

Training is essential within EHS organizations to provide employees with the skills they need to perform their job responsibilities safely and effectively. Regulatory compliance training courses may be required per specific processes onsite, regulatory changes, employee onboarding or personnel changes, or to receive necessary certifications to be considered qualified for the role. EHS trainings, such as OSHA Safety, DOT, HAZWOPER, RCRA, and IATA, help ensure safety and reduce the risk of onsite accidents. As your operations grow, keeping track of which employees need certain trainings and when those trainings expire becomes more and more complicated. An external team of EHS experts dedicated to compliance, building a training matrix, and EHS training management can help your company stay on top of training, keeping your employees and facility safe.

EHS Compliance Assessments & Audits

EHS audits, assessments, and gap analyses help you prepare for inspections from the EPA, DEP, OSHA, or other regulatory agencies. EHS professional services staff can reduce your company’s risk of incurring fines, penalties, or violations by conducting a variety of site-specific assessments against best practices as well as internal or industry standards to ensure your operations are running compliantly. EHS experts can prepare you for what to expect on the day of an audit, from the documentation required, to how to plan a successful walkthrough, to next steps following the closing conference. A third party partner provides your organization with a fresh set of eyes that can catch things you may have missed otherwise, which is pivotal to passing an audit as well as maintaining a strong focus on employee safety throughout your operations. 

EHS Plans & Permits

How do you manage chemical and biological hazards within your operation? Do you know where the exit routes are throughout your sites? Do your employees know these procedures? Having the answers to these questions, among others, relies on a strong EHS compliance management program with interactive training. An EHS professional services staff with compliance expertise can assist with program development specific to your organization, managing required written programs, permit applications, approval processes, and successful implementation, leading with safety every step of the way. Without a dedicated team of EHS professionals, your company may end up with multiple injuries, delays in permit acceptance, negative environmental impacts, fines, injuries, or unplanned inspections leading to numerous problems with regulatory agencies. By partnering with an external EHS team, you can make strides on your goals without taking time away from your research to manage OSHA programs, permitting, training specific to your site, and more, depending on the nature of your operations.

Triumvirate Environmental’s team of experienced EHS professionals take a comprehensive approach in ensuring environmental, health, and safety compliance for your organization. Our unique delivery model, EHSOne®, provides professional services staffing to manage your EHS program through operational and compliance-focused support. To learn more about EHSOne®, click below or call 617-715-9055 to speak to an expert about your regulatory compliance needs.

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