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Lab chemicals, Lab Safety, Healthcare

Healthcare Industry Faces NFPA 45 Fire Code Update: Are You Compliant?

The healthcare industry may be finding itself scrambling to comply with a recently issued major update to the national fire standard.
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Inspections, Lab chemicals, Lab Safety

Lab Managers: How to Keep Your Cool for Lab Fire Code Compliance

Laboratory fire code safety compliance is crucial. Its importance, especially to life sciences, healthcare, and higher education laboratories, is only going to grow. Unfortunately, many operational...

Lab chemicals, Lab Safety, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Biological Safety Cabinet

5 Requirements for Enterprise-Level BSC Service Providers

As a life sciences lab, operations, or facilities manager, you face a variety of resource-draining challenges. One of these is biological safety cabinet (BSC) maintenance—skimping on this function...

Lab chemicals, Chemical Safety

For Your Lab: Ducted or Ductless Fume Hoods?

Chemical laboratories, although essential for life sciences, academia, and industry, are also potential places of elevated risk. In this blog, we’ll focus on how your lab fume hood ventilation...

Lab chemicals, Lab Safety, Chemical Inventory

Protect Yourself and Your Employees by Finding the Right Caps for Your Chemical Bottles

It's common for bottles to over-pressurize, break and spill in labs causing emergency response situations, endangering employees and costing organizations money. Even plastic or cardboard containers...
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