Case Study

Chemical Inventory in Action


The Chemistry Department at a large, New England university  had a new supply room that was set to open. The supply room was the room from which all chemicals were received and distributed and the university wanted to take the opportunity to put a barcoding system in place before the room reopened.

Unfortunately, with the time constraints, they would be unable to complete the project with just the manpower of their own team. The university contracted with Triumvirate Environmental to assist in the chemical inventory project and help expedite the process. 


Triumvirate environmental offers a variety of services to assist with your chemical inventory needs. Here are some of the things we can do for you:
  • Assess needs & current chemical inventory systems & processes
  • Assess DHS compliance, security & vulnerability around COIs
  • Conduct Top Screen analysis & reporting
  • Align systems, software & processes to needs
  • Develop & maintain chemical inventory management & tracking systems 
  • Develop & maintain DHS compliance & security programs
  • Conduct chemical inventory
  • Barcode chemical inventory
  • Identify unknowns
  • Segregate & reconcile chemical inventory


Through Triumvirate’s chemical inventory program, the university was able to complete their inventory in the time they had allotted. 


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