Case Study

Environmental Compliance


The position for "Director of Safety" at New England hospital was eliminated, generating confusion over job responsibilities as well as regulatory requirements. At the time, this hospital had employed a different contractor to take on compliance and risk mitigation services. The hospital was unhappy with the organization, level of customer service and managerial abilities of the contractor. Preventative maintenance responsibilities were left undone including eyewash and safety showers.
The hospital was looking for a company to assure everything was up to code and on time. They took on Triumvirate as a contractor to help manage the program.


For over a year, Triumvirate has assisted this hospital manage a top-of-the line compliance and risk mitigation program. What started as a single scope service has expanded into a holistic package. Here are some of the key benefits and services Triumvirate has offered to this hospital:
  • Triumvirate employees available onsite every week.
  • Regular reporting and communication.
  • Tracking and completion of all regulatory reporting and inspection requirements.
  • Keeping up to date with new regulatory requirements and assuring the hospital is in compliance
  • Implementing and managing a preventative maintenance calendar.
  • Regular staff communications and open-door policy for related questions.
  • Overseeing of waste generation process for compliance and cost-savings.


Through Triumvirate’s compliance programs, there have been marked improvements in several areas. These include: cost-savings through generation consulting and improved compliance. Reporting requirements are regularly met on time and open lines of communication are kept with hospital staff on all accounts.


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