Biological Decontamination Services


Biological Decontamination Services

Triumvirate Environmental has a highly trained staff, from technicians to Certified Industrial Hygienists, with years of experience in sensitive biological environments. Our team handles challenging biological decontamination projects in various environments and organizations. We are confident our services and expertise can meet your biodecontamination needs. Triumvirate has the flexibility to manage challenging logistics, meet urgent needs, and deliver a wide range of services to support your site-specific projects.


  • Biological contamination investigations
  • Biosafety program & EH&S support
  • Sampling & laboratory analysis
  • Auditing & assessment of work practices
  • Developing disinfection programs
  • Developing protocols to decontaminate spaces & equipment
  • Decontamination of:
    • Biosafety & microbiological spaces
    • Biological safety cabinets
    • Incubators, glove boxes, shaker tables, & more
    • Cold rooms
    • Animal care facilities


Rather than just providing a cleaning, Triumvirate's bio decontamination services focus on and deliver lasting solutions. Our process works to:

Biological Decontamination Services
  • Assure a safe working environment and reduce risk and liability through trained and experienced personnel and robust internal procedures
  • Complete documentation, plans, and administrative requirements thoroughly and competently
  • Focus on the process, environment, and surroundings to assure successful decontamination
  • Provide tailored or à la carte solutions that are flexible and easily modified
  • Develop and execute turnkey solutions from assessment, program reviews, and decontamination through waste management

 To learn more about our process, please view our webinar on best practices for biological decontamination


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