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Red2Green medical waste disposal.

Triumvirate didn't just want to get into the medical waste business; we wanted to change the game. As we began to meet with prospective clients and industry experts, we realized there was a need for sustainable, cost-effective solutions in this space. Triumvirate saw an opportunity and set to improve the regulated medical waste landscape. We recognized that we required a two-pronged approach which integrated those distinct technologies that could create a closed loop sustainable supply chain. Triumvirate spent several years searching for a solution that met its standards for safety, quality and cost-savings. Here's a look at the development process:
  • Determination is made that waste must be treated and rendered benign to recycle
  • Several treatment technologies including autoclave are examined and rejected as not being sustainable.
  • Triumvirate finds innovative treatment solution. After extensive testing, Triumvirate approves efficacy of sterilization and grinding process.
  • Triumvirate commits to further research on mixed plastic stream manufacturing and selling options that can incorporate sterile, benign regrind material.
  • Triumvirate adapts the technology by adding steps in processing to assure optimal safety and compliance
  • After several years Triumvirate perfects the process
  • Triumvirate launches new service offering, Red2Green

Here's a step-by-step of what happens to your waste after we pick it up.
    • Our HAZMAT experts pick up your waste and transport it in accordance with DOT regulations to our processing facility.
    • Once the materials are received, the paperwork is reviewed for compliance.
    •  All the materials are scanned to assure there is no residual radioactivity.
    • The material is then loaded into a machine is weighed by computer.
    • Each batch of waste material is treated with a proprietary sterilant and water creating a high pH and exothermic reaction ultimately sterilizing the material. To learn more about our sterilization process click here.
    • While the material is sterilized, it is also shredded. 
    • All throughout the process, we monitor several parameters to make sure the material is properly sterilized .This sterilization process has been certified and permitted.
    • After sterilization, the ground material is extruded into plastic components. 
    • The material is then further cleaned to assure the only material entering the mold is plastic.
    • Magnets extract metal and an air classification system blows off non-plastic material. 
    • Once the plastic material is separated out, it goes through further grinding to create small plastic pellets. These pellets feed into the extruders that fill molds sized and shaped for the product being made.
    • The mold cools for a couple of minutes and then, the material is ejected out for a finished product.
Triumvirate has thoroughly analyzed all regulations related to this process to ensure the process is not only compliant and legal, but also safe and beneficial to the environment. To do this, Triumvirate has obtained the appropriate regulatory permits. 
For more details on our sterilization process, read our brief white paper here.
All materials are shredded and ground until any sharp elements are eliminated. From there, the material goes through a separation process in which metals and other non-plastic materials are removed with magnets, water and air compression. 

Metal is abrasive on the final grinding and melting process. It's important that Triumvirate make sure all metal and other materials are effectively removed.

Triumvirate has dedicated several years of research to assuring this process and product is safe. The first step in assuring the product is safe is knowing the treatment process sterilizes the materials thoroughly. For more information on the sterilization process, look here.

In addition to the sterilization process, the machine tests itself regularly to make sure heat, treatment concentration and shredding are up to predetermined standards.

The facility is examined every 6 months by the appropriate regulatory bodies to make sure everything is running up to code.  Triumvirate performs regular internal examinations of the machine's testing abilities and safety of the facility. All employees in the facility are outfitted with optimal PPE and trained thoroughly in medical waste handling and other safety procedures.
Uses for our recycled plastic are constantly expanding. We currently make landscape timbers, speed bumps, farm tools and more.
We think so, but we're biased. Contact us with the form at the end of this page to learn more about how this service will benefit your organization.
All regulated medical waste generators are eligible for this program. This includes organizations within the healthcare, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. If you have trace chemotherapy or pharmaceutical waste, Triumvirate can pick up and dispose of it but for safety and compliance reasons will not process it via Red2GreenWe encourage you to contact our support team to discuss details and determine the safest, most compliant, and sustainable treatment and management methods for you RMW.
Our plant  is located in Jeannette,  PA. We’re currently offering facility tours to interested customers. We service RMW generators east of the Mississipi.
While the pricing for this service varies from client to client, most clients see a 20-30% savings in their regulated medical waste disposal costs. For more information on what this service can save your organization, contact our sales team with the form at the end of this page. 
Yes. Reusable containers are often times the most sustainable and cost-effective choice for healthcare institutions. We offer reusable containers for your sharps and red-bag waste. Our clients can choose the best size container for them as well as their prefered lid type (mailbox style or hole in the top). We offer a quick and easy installation process for all our containers to simplify your day.

Our reusable containers go through a FIFRA and EPA-approved disinfection and sterilization process before they are returned to you.