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GreenPrint provides a master plan to help hospitals manage their waste more efficiently, environmentally, and cost-effectively.

GreenPrint is an innovative waste management solution for healthcare institutions and hospitals that utilizes waste diversion and total waste stream management to ensure that waste generated at a facility is leaving in the appropriate waste streams. Our GreenPrint program offers:

  • Substantial up-front cost savings on day one of the program 
  • Yearly percentage decrease in waste costs for the length of the contract 
  • An on-site GreenPrint Program Manager free of charge
  • Ensured compliance with all healthcare regulations

Our studies have shown that up to 90% of material disposed into regulated medical waste containers is actually municipal solid waste. This is a costly mistake considering RMW disposal costs 30 cents per pound, while municipal solid wastes only costs 10 cents per pound. In addition, roughly 45% of all material that ends up in the trash at 10 cents per pound can actually be recycled for 2 to 3 cents per pound. Correcting waste allocation practices can save a hospital hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

The catalyst behind GreenPrint is our Sustainability Project Manager - a healthcare waste management expert who will implement and manage GreenPrint onsite. The Sustainability Project Manager will:

  • greenprintDivert waste from higher cost to lower cost waste streams
  • Teach GreenPrint floor by floor
  • Utilize ADVISE, a web-based iPhone app to track, report, and analyze hospital compliance
  • Identify the need for, and provide, training on environmental regulations and proper waste disposal
  • Chair or co-chair hospital greening and sustainability committee

The goal of GreenPrint is to develop a mutually-incentivized relationship based on reducing the waste, and waste expensed, of a healthcare institution. Fill out the short form below to learn more about GreenPrint, and how it will save your hospital money starting from day one.


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