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HPLC solvent waste container system VOCLok

HPLC Solvent Waste Container Solution (VOCLok)

Lab scale process, such as HPLC, pose unique RCRA waste collection challenges and health and safety risks. Many organizations struggle to comply with closure requirements, or pay for very expensive and complicated collection systems. Triumvirate Environmental Inc. (TEI) has developed VOCLok to help waste generators easily and compliantly collect these waste streams, while improving safety in their labs and optimizing their waste management program.


Safety: Prevent exposure and inhalation of toxic solvents.

Compliance: Stay compliant with RCRA’s closed-container regulations.

Customization: The many cap configurations and more than a dozen container sizes and styles allow generators to customize and optimize their waste program.

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Installation: Triumvirate installation engineers will help you select the appropriate containers and caps, and perform the installation to ensure the system is set up correctly, while your researchers focus on science.

Ease of Use: Triumvirate installs, maintains, and trains your staff on how to use VOCLok for optimal performance. 


The Triumvirate Difference: We will install, maintain, and train your staff on how to use this product for optimal performance.

VOCLok Solvent waste container system

The VOCLok system is a closed system for collecting lab scale processes such as HPLC. The carbon exhaust scrubs rogue VOC released into the lab during collection, and Versa cap technology makes changing full containers simple and quick.

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