Case Study

Flawless Decontamination Preparation at a Research Institute


Triumvirate Environmental was brought on to work with a research institute in the Boston area to aid in the moving of all lab spaces in a multi-floor building to a new location. The project was a three-month long project that involved packing and moving the labs and then decontaminating the old lab spaces. After the lab spaces were cleaned out, Triumvirate's onsite team was responsible for the decontamination. The team rigorously worked 12 hours each day to quickly complete the clean out and decontamination and exceed the standards of the institute. 


"I'I wanted to let you know about some feedback I received from  the lab manager on the 5th floor that had a lab space cleaned out. She stopped me to let me know that she couldn't be more happy with how things went that day.  She said it had the potential to be long and complicated for her but Dave made it very easy on her.  She said that he was helpful with some boxes of buffers that she thought she would have to label.  Instead Dave removed all of the waste and disposed of everything properly and made Janice's life a lot easier.  She couldn't say enough good things about Triumvirate.  Thanks for all of your help with this clean out."

- Research Institute in Boston Area 


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