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Boston, MA

Somerville Company Offers Free Tuition at UMass Boston

Like many other bosses around here, Triumvirate Environmental’s chief executive, John McQuillan, is finding it increasingly tough to find the workers he needs.

McQuillan, though, is taking an unusual approach to solving his problem: He’s offering to...

Somerville, MA

Triumvirate wins ELM Green Star Award

The Environmental League of Massachusetts awarded Triumvirate Environmental the Green Star award for our dedication to hazardous waste removal and innovations in sustainability. Triumvirate currently diverts 20% of all clients waste away from...

Somerville, MA

Best Practices for Pharmaceutical Waste

Recycling of regulated medical waste: The standard for years has involved landfilling or incineration of regulated medical waste, which goes against our sustainability goals. Our waste management partner, Triumvirate Environmental, owns a facility...

Somerville, MA

Major Environmental, Health and Safety Survey Finds Staffing and Safety as Top Concerns for 2016

Triumvirate will detail findings and implications of the 2016 State of EH&S Survey in a webinar on January 28, 2 p.m. ET. Registration is open at:

Triumvirate Environmental today released its first annual “State of EH&S” report...

Somerville, MA

Finding New Life for Medical Waste

This is not a typical plastics recycling story.

One company is taking medical and pharmaceutical waste and turning that hard-to-recycle material into plastic lumber in Pennsylvania.

And there are plans to expand the now-proven process to sites...

Somerville, MA

Triumvirate Environmental Creates Periodic Table of EH&S

An Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) program is made up of many critical elements. As a way of organizing some of the most important contributors towards EH&S success, Triumvirate Environmental developed this framework which aggregates,...

Jeanette, PA

Historic Jeannette Plant Now Cutting Edge Recycler

During World War II, American GIs victoriously fought island to island against the Japanese Empire in the Pacific Theatre. Many of the boats used during this period were manufactured by Elliot Company at the plant on Claridge-Elliott Road in...

Cambridge, MA

Got a Startup? Rent a Bench.

Besides, what fledgling entrepreneur has the time and money to slog through environmental health and safety compliance?

“As a scientist entrepreneur, your time should be exclusively focused on what problem your business can solve and how are you...

Somerville, MA

Triumvirate Environmental Celebrates Earth Day

Triumvirate Environmental is dedicated to sustainability 365 days of the year, so when Earth Day rolls around, they feel it's time to show off. Along with several client events and a private service launch of their new Red2Green regulated medical...

Somerville, MA

Triumvirate Environmental Acquires Around the Clock Compliance

Triumvirate Environmental Inc. has announced it has officially acquired Around the Clock Compliance (ATCC), a Massachusetts based company that has been in business for nearly 18 years performing various EH&S related consultative services....

Somerville, MA

Triumvirate Environmental Unveils New Customer Reference Program

Triumvirate Environmental, a full service environmental health and safety firm, is rolling out a new approach to integrated customer and employee relations; the company has just released a “WOW” page that shares customer testimonials on their...

Somerville, MA

Triumvirate Environmental Reacts to High-Demand for Safety Training

As the effort for top-notch workplace safety culture grows, experts claim that regulatory training directly improves the overall safety and culture of a workplace. With through-the-roof satisfaction and higher-than-ever demand Triumvirate has...

Somerville, MA

Triumvirate Sponsors "Taste of Somerville"

Triumvirate Environmental sponsored "Taste of Somerville" this year, an annual outdoor food and drink festival that supports local restaurants. Several Triumvirate employees attended the event including Laura (pictured on the left) who had the...

Somerville, MA

In Honor of National Safety Month: #Smiles4Safety

Triumvirate Environmental Inc. is launching Smiles 4 Safety (#Smiles4Safety), the first-ever month-long, safety-education series of its kind. This series will be comprised of entertaining and educational images, memes, dance videos and more on...

Newton, MA

Triumvirate Environmental Helps Massachusetts Companies Comply with the Commercial Food Waste Ban

Triumvirate Environmental, a full service environmental services company focused on sustainability is hosting a roundtable that teaches businesses and institutions about the upcoming Massachusetts food waste ban. There, attendees will get a...

Cambridge, MA

Triumvirate Environmental Donates $2.5million as Founding Sponsor of LabCentral

“We are honored to become an integral part of the LabCentral team as its founding sponsor and environmental health and safety provider,” said Triumvirate Environmental President and CEO, John McQuillan. Triumvirate became LabCentral’s founding...