The Importance of Biosafety

Effective biosafety measures are not only necessary under federal and state regulations, they are imperative to the health and safety of your staff. Working with our experienced EHS consultants makes it easy to stay compliant – and stay safe.

Biosafety Services

Whether you’re working with bloodborne pathogens, rDNA, lab animals, or other biological materials, we offer services to ensure regulatory compliance. We handle:

  • Biosafety management planning
  • Risk assessments
  • Waste reduction and recycling consultations
  • Compliance reporting
  • Regulatory training

Building Successful Biosafety Programs

Our highly qualified consultants are skilled at creating biosafety programs for labs, hospitals, universities, and research facilities. Components include:

  • Written program
  • Biological project registration
  • PPE selection and training
  • Employee training
  • Facility signage
  • Institutional Biosafety Committee meetings
  • IACUC and Animal Facility Safety Programs
  • AAALAC accreditation support

 Let us help you ensure the biosafety of your facilities. Contact us today.

Onsite Environmental Services

We offer a complete range of onsite environmental services including waste collection, internal waste transfer, EHS inspections, and chemical inventory management.

Chemical Inventory

We provide chemical inventory management services, software, and processes to keep track of your chemicals and waste materials.


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