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Triumvirate Environmental is the only company that can design your organization’s chemical inventory program, provide the expertise required for successful implementation, and deliver effective chemical inventory management software. We offer a comprehensive, cloud-based service for chemical and safety data sheets (SDSs) management. The software is highly customizable and easy to use, allowing your company to select applicable features to meet your chemical inventory program goals and objectives. Our experts provide as-needed support to ensure your chemical inventory program can be implemented quickly, reduce costs, and deliver better results.

Highly Customizable Features Help You Save Money and Reach Your Goals

Our chemical inventory software houses several modules designed to support any EHS operation that may be impacted by hazardous materials or require hazardous material management. From tracking chemicals, to managing access to reports, to regulatory reporting and incident tracking, our unique model lets you select only the modules your company needs to achieve your chemical inventory management initiatives. Reduce unnecessary costs and make fast strides toward your goals with EHS features that suit your operations, such as:

Chemical Inventory Management Chemical Inventory Management

Using a barcoding system, the software’s chemical inventory management feature allows you to track the exact location and corresponding regulatory data for any chemical bottle, from the moment it arrives at your facility through waste disposal. This makes it easy to identify exactly what materials you have and how much of each is onsite at any given moment, as well as how those materials and volumes may impact compliance. The software can track chemicals based off of any identifying characteristic, including product number, hazardous waste code, or anything in between.

SDS ManagementSDS Management

Manage your organization’s library of safety data sheets using our cloud-based SDS management software. Employees can easily search, view, and print manufacturer-specific SDSs. Grant access to specific departments or employees as needed to ensure full transparency among key stakeholders, accessible via any computer or smartphone.

GHS LabelingGHS Labeling

Print Globally Harmonized System (GHS)-compliant labels and secondary labels in a multitude of sizes and languages. Feel confident that all of the required elements are included, such as manufacturer information, product name, product identifiers, hazard statements, signal words, and more.

Regulatory ReportingRegulatory Reporting

The software is pre-programmed to generate various federal, state, and local regulatory reports in a single repository for easy access. The dynamic reporting tool allows users to create specific reports based on the organization’s objectives. Some common reports include Tier II reporting, hazardous waste biennial reports, hazardous air pollutants (HAPS) and volatile organic compounds (VOC) reporting, flammable zone reporting, expired chemical reports, and data regarding particularly hazardous chemicals.

Hazardous WasteHazardous Waste

The hazardous waste module includes all the features you need to track your operation’s hazardous waste from generation through to certificate of destruction, including waste profiles, pickup requests, storage time tracking, accumulation areas, waste labeling, drum tracking, and more.

Employee Workplace SafetyEmployee Workplace Safety

Ensuring the safety of your employees and personnel is the highest priority within any EHS organization. The software has features dedicated to managing and tracking all information that is relevant to workplace safety, such as employee information, incident and accident reports, OSHA reporting, industrial hygiene, inspection, audit documentation, and more.

Facility ComplianceFacility & Safety Compliance

In addition to employee safety, managing facility compliance and safety is integral to keeping your operations running smoothly. This module is dedicated to track facility or equipment maintenance to ensure your safety equipment is routinely calibrated or inspected. You can use the software to perform facility and compliance inspections and track the results. The powerful reporting capabilities allow you to easily follow up on open items and review past maintenance logs or incidents to track your facility’s compliance progress.

EHS Mobile AppsEHS Mobile Apps

Access all your chemical inventory records, reports, and important documentation conveniently through mobile apps compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows.

Expert EHS Support Combined With Robust Software

Triumvirate Environmental’s unique combination of deep expertise in chemical inventory management and best-in-class chemical inventory software results in an unmatched partner in developing your chemical inventory program or improving upon your existing program. The software is designed with a wide range of capabilities and flexible pricing to ensure we can develop a system that is a perfect match for your company’s needs. Contact us today at 617-715-9055 or request a free chemical inventory software demo below.

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