Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Cost-Effective and Compliant Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and life sciences organizations rely on us for cost-effective, safe, and compliant pharmaceutical waste management and disposal. We make pharmaceutical waste management affordable and simple. Our team members handle the full set of processes: from collection and segregation on to packaging and labeling. From there they oversee manifesting, transporting, and finally, disposal.


Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste Rules Expert Advice

Pharmaceutical waste generators frequently find difficulties when it comes to understanding and complying with management standards for hazardous waste pharmaceuticals. These guidelines prevent facilities from improperly disposing of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals (by doing such things as flushing them down the toilet or drain). For 30-plus years, Triumvirate Environmental has enabled these organizations to analyze waste streams; navigate Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hazardous pharmaceutical waste rules; and to customize holistic, cost-competitive, and sustainable solutions that enable compliance.

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Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Services & Capabilities

  • Pharmaceutical Waste Characterization
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Inventory
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Containers
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Minimization
  • Onsite Pharmaceutical Waste Management
  • EPA Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste Rule Expertise
  • Reverse Distribution Support
  • MAA and SAA Waste Management
  • Compliance Audits
  • Regulatory Compliance Training
  • Cloud-Based Tracking, Analysis & Reporting
  • DEA-Controlled Substance Management
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Transportation & Disposal

We Handle All Types of Pharmaceutical Waste

  • F-List Waste
  • K-List Waste
  • P-List Waste
  • U-List Waste
  • Universal Pharmaceutical Waste

We're a DEA-Approved Reverse Distributor

We provide a full set of DEA-controlled substances management and disposal services. This eliminates the risk of improper disposal and its resulting damage to your local community—enabling clients to avoid federal and state penalties. Our trained and licensed personnel manage and document the entire process, from on-site pickup and transportation on to assured and final destruction.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Some of the most common questions about DEA controlled substance management and disposal are below:

How can pharmaceutical manufacturers benefit from cost-effective waste disposal solutions?

Our services are designed to make pharmaceutical waste management affordable for manufacturers, ensuring compliance with regulations from collection to disposal.

What types of pharmaceutical waste does Triumvirate Environmental handle?

We handle a wide range of pharmaceutical waste, including RCRA hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste, DEA-regulated pharmaceutical waste, chemotherapy waste, and more.

How can a pharmaceutical company benefit from EPA Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste Rule expertise?

Our expertise ensures that pharmaceutical companies understand and adhere to EPA regulations, preventing improper disposal practices and promoting environmentally responsible waste management.

Can Triumvirate Environmental handle DEA-controlled substances for pharmaceutical companies?

Yes, as a DEA-approved reverse distributor, we manage the handling and disposal of DEA-controlled substances, ensuring compliance and safety throughout the entire process.

Why is compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal crucial for hospitals and biotech companies?

It’s essential to meet regulatory standards and prevent improper disposal. Triumvirate Environmental ensures compliance and sustainability for waste generators.

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