Case Study

Sustainability in the Life Sciences Industry

Recycling Single-Use Plastics and Regulated Medical Waste

The Challenge

Our customer, a leading biotechnology company, has an ambitious goal of delivering no plastic waste to landfills. Yet as the company rapidly grows, its use of single-use plastics is steadily increasing – a challenge common to biotech firms around the world. Our customer was looking for a sustainable alternative to disposing of its plastics and regulated medical waste in landfills.

Triumvirate Environmental's Solution

The company met with other environmental services providers, but its decisionmakers were not confident their expectations could be met because those vendors had rudimentary plans for handling and processing the waste materials. Instead, they chose Triumvirate Environmental’s innovative solution to sustainably recycle materials. Our proprietary process collects, sterilizes, and recycles plastics and regulated medical waste into usable plastic lumber.

Why Triumvirate Environmental? Our automated, cost-effective process would be able to keep up with the increasing amount of waste the company will need to dispose. In addition, we had already gained its trust through a long-term partnership during which we exceeded expectations with our services, such as onsite environmental services support, field service work, consulting, training, and emergency response support.

After consulting with the company, we identified two significant opportunities – single-use plastics and regulated medical waste – to divert materials from landfills to recycling. We approached the situation by determining the best way to handle, collect, stage, ship, and process the materials. By creating a detailed plan before starting the work, we could ensure the program would be complementary to the company’s long-term growth plans. We began at one location – but the program is scalable and can be put into place at its facilities in other regions.

Benefits to the Customer

Since the recycling program began, we have helped the company divert more than 125 metric tons of waste from going to landfills. And this represents just one location. As a result of the success the company has seen with the program, we are partnering with additional sites to deliver a similar program and promote a sustainability culture throughout its organization. The program has already come full circle – the company installed plastic benches made from its own recycled waste materials at one of its facilities. It is also exploring using custom plastic lumber pallets made from its recycled waste.

In the long term, the company has confidence and comfort knowing that as it grows, we will be able to continue diverting its waste and support its environmental stewardship and commitment to sustainability.

As a direct result of our innovative, sustainable solution, this biotech leader is well on its way to achieving its goal of sending no waste to landfills. We’re proud to partner with the company along the way!

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