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Triumvirate’s VOCLok waste collection solution was designed to comply with RCRA hazardous waste regulations, improve health and safety in laboratories, simplify installation and use, and surpass current pricing standards for similar products. The VOCLok system collects waste from lab scale processes, like HPLC, while ensuring container closure regulations. The carbon exhaust scrubs rogue VOC released into the lab during collection and Versa cap technology makes changing full containers easy and simple. 

As waste is collected in the closed system, toxic air from the container is released through a carbon filter. The carbon filter scrubs volatiles from the waste stream before entering the laboratory work place. The system prevents volatile and toxic solvents used in HPLC from escaping into the lab environment and eliminates inhalation exposure to the workers in the labs.

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Often times the waste collected from the HPLC units is characterized as a RCRA hazardous waste. RCRA requires that all containers be closed while not being filled. If the HPLC or other process waste lines are draining into an open container, this is a RCRA violation and will be cited during a regulatory inspection. VOCLok will ensure your lab is in compliance with these RCRA regulations.

Ease of Use
Because an open empty solvent container or other open container was not specifically designed to collect waste from a HPLC machine, it can pose operational challenges. The containers are not easy to handle, waste tubes are soaked in hazardous waste, and the material of the container may not be the most efficient for that purpose. The VOCLok waste system was designed to make changing out full containers easy and safe. The versa cap technology allows for easy container changes.


The Triumvirate Difference: We will install, maintain, and train your staff on how to use this product for optimal performance.


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