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4 Important First Aid/CPR/AED Questions Answered

Did you know that there are about 10,000 cardiac arrests in the workplace each year in the United States? Effective CPR provided by a bystander in the first few minutes of cardiac arrest can increase the chances of survival by two to three times.
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Quiz: Test Your Tier II Knowledge

As you review your chemical inventory in advance of the EPA's March 1 filing deadline, take a quick break to take our quiz. Are you a Tier II titan? 


Mark Your Calendar: Tier II Reporting Deadline Is  March 1

‘Tis the season for to-do lists: Holiday shopping – check. Baking and cooking – check. Spending time with family – check. Preparing to file your Tier II chemical inventory report – uh oh.


OSHA's Top 10 Violations of 2018

The end of the year brings many lists, reviews, and countdowns, and the EHS industry is no exception. Each year, OSHA releases a list of the 10 most frequently cited workplace health and safety...


Q&A Series: 3 Important e-Manifest Questions Answered

Since the EPA launched e-Manifest on June 30, 2018, generators, transporters, and TSD facilities have raised questions about this new national electronic system for tracking hazardous waste....


Evaluating Employee Exposure to Spor-Klenz

For many years, a class of non-bleach liquid sporicidal disinfectants also known as cold sterilants, have been used throughout the biological research and pharmaceutical production industries to...

Onsite Environmental Services

Outsourcing Waste Management? 7 Important Qualities to Look for in an Onsite Partner

Choosing a hazardous waste management partner can be a difficult decision. The work is complicated and dangerous, and you need to make sure they are keeping your organization in full compliance...

healthcare, regulatory compliance

USP General Chapter <800>

USP General Chapter <800> provides standards for the safe handling of hazardous drugs to minimize the risk of exposure to healthcare personnel, patients, and the environment in the United States....

hazardous waste management

5 Consequences of Mismanaging Hazardous Waste

Managing a waste program is complicated. With so many moving parts, keeping every project up to standard can seem impossible. If your organization is managing waste internally, make sure your team...

Preventive Maintenance

4 Best Practices for Maintaining Your Eyewash and Safety Showers

Eyewash and safety showers are essential safety features in any setting where dangerous chemicals are used. It is rare to walk through a laboratory without coming across at least one, and with...
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