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Peroxide Forming Compound Management [PRINTABLE HANDOUT]

PeroxideFormingCompounds handout altPeroxides form in solutions when oxygen in the air reacts with certain peroxide forming chemicals. This process can occur in as quickly as six months. These peroxides can crystalize and become explosive when encountering heat, shock, or friction. If crystals are formed on the cap of a bottle, just opening the bottle may cause an explosion. 

Training lab personnel is one of the most important steps to ensuring lab safety around peroxide forming compounds. Make sure all lab employees understand the dangers around peroxide forming compounds as well as how to best manage them. 

As an everyday reminder, hang up management sheets around the lab or regularly distribute hand outs. 

Use the download link below to get a printable peroxide forming compound management sheet.  

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For more information on managing peroxide forming compounds, check out our 5 Step Management Guide in the link below.

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