Do You Know About the Circular Economy?

circular economyHave you heard of the circular economy? It's the latest phrase in a long line of sustainability lingo. Green, eco friendly, and now the circular economy. The circular economy is rooted in the idea that industry can be restorative, renewable and circular rather than depletive, finite and linear. Though the idea is more common in Europe, it seems it's only a matter of time before the thought process becomes popular in America as well. There's a lot going on with the circular economy as of recently. Here are some of the top articles.

Why It Pays to Join the Circular Economy 

“The circular economy needs to make sense to policy-makers in developing countries as well as in Europe and the US – otherwise it’s just whistling in the wind.”

So said my sceptical Indian friend on the way back from the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Tianjin, China. We all know that the current linear economic model is not sustainable. Materials are extracted, manufactured into products and then discarded into landfill – it’s a system that wastes valuable resources, causes environmental damage and will make it near impossible to satisfy the demands of the 3 billion new consumers in developing nations, who are expected to join the middle class by 2030...continue reading

A Circular Economy in Nova Scotia

The Ivany report on Nova Scotia’s future called on governments, universities, business people and Nova Scotians in general to change the way we think and to become, among other things, more innovative and entrepreneurial.

Time has been moving forward since the release of the report, but not much seems to be happening. If there’s something happening, it certainly isn’t on public display. In my view, this is a mistake...continue reading

Recycling: "The Loop of Last Resort" Within a Circular Economy

Speaking at a circular economy debate in Brussels hosted by Philips earlier this month, Dame Ellen MacArthur asked the audience in front of her to let their minds momentarily wander. “Imagine if investment within the European Union was focused on business models that could accelerate this – helping to decouple growth from resource constraints,” she said. “There’s a massive opportunity here for us in Europe. We feel the thirst for this need, for the enabling conditions to help this transition.” ... continue reading

Recycled Aluminum Innovation Supports Circular Economy

Continuing its support of cutting edge technology, Innovate UK (the new name for the Technology Strategy Board), has played a key role in enabling Jaguar Land Rover to develop a new aluminium alloy, which means that up to 50% of the body of the new Jaguar XE is made from recycled aluminium.

This new lightweight aluminium alloy, which is made from processed scrap, is not only better for the environment - the lighter car will also produce less CO2 emissions - but it also has the potential to be used by other producers in the transport sector...continue reading

Image courtesy of American Textile Recycling Service. Want to learn more the circular economy? Contact one of our experts!


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