Emergency Response: Benefits of Outside Help in 200 Words or Less

spill_response_copy.jpegThere are many benefits of bringing in an outside contractor for help with spills both big and small. Hazmat contractors are highly trained in the evaluation of physical and chemical hazardous of spills and are always armed with the appropriate meters and monitors to ensure respiratory safety of themselves and their employees. 

Once they determine the level of personal protective equipment (PPE) needed, they will be familiar with specific cleaning supplies and materials needed for an individual chemical. They can also demo parts of a room, while in the appropriate PPE, when building structures have been impacted. Perhaps one of the most useful things about a hazmat contractor is the ability to give you peace of mind that the spill is actually clean. Mercury, for instance, forms a colorless and odorless vapor that can linger at high concentrations if the initial spill isn’t cleaned properly. Using a mercury vapor monitor, a hazmat contractor can track down hotspots and clean until the vapor is below recommended and regulatory limits ensuring that your staff is safe to continue work in the area. If necessary, most hazmat contractors will have environmental engineers or chemical hygienists that can write a report detailing the spill, cleanup efforts, and clearance readings to submit to insurance companies and building landlords.  

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