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4 Ways You Could Be Mismanaging Your Peroxide Formers

Peroxide forming compounds are volatile materials, that if handled incorrectly can result in explosions, injuries and added expenses at your facility. Unfortunately, many organizations dealing with peroxide forming compounds are handling them incorrectly.

This information was taken directly from the webinar embedded on the right. For more information like developing a standard operating procedure and testing for peroxide forming chemicals, view the webinar recording here.

Not Tracking

Depending on the type of peroxide former you have on hand, it will have a certain shelf life. Tracking, labeling and dating your onsite peroxide formers is integral to the safety of your facility. To learn more about keeping real-time chemical inventory, look here. For more information on our chemical inventory and management services, look here.


Handling Without Gloves or Goggles

Even if peroxide formers have been dated and treated properly, it is considered best practice to still handle with goggles, gloves, and a lab coat. All personnel dealing with peroxide formers should be fully trained on the proper PPE to use and when to ask for professional help. Get a printable handout to help educate your staff on peroxide former dangers.


Storing Near a Window or Heater

Peroxide formers should be stored in a cool, dark place. The best place to store is the flammable cabinet. Heat, friction, impact and light can all result in an explosion. For more information on peroxide former management, look here.


Bulk Purchasing

Labs often make bulk purchases to help cut chemical costs. While this is a perfectly good reason to make bulk purchases with certain chemicals, peroxide formers should only be purchased in small quantities based on what’s going to be used. This creates a safer environment, as you won’t have peroxide formers expiring on your shelves. It also often saves money in the long run, preventing you from disposing of unused chemicals. 

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