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[QUIZ] EH&S Leaders, What's Your EH&S Personality & More on Your EH&S Career

Working in EH&S  can be difficult but extremely rewarding. Here are some of our favorite articles regarding EH&S management and leadership right now.

Who's Who? EHS Leaders at the Largest US Manufacturing Companies

By: Josh Cable
It’s been said many times that establishing a strong safety culture must start at the top. While that platitude points to the importance of CEOs getting behind safety and health, a clear chain of command – with a dedicated, executive-level EHS position – can play a key role as well, especially at the largest companies. Read more.

What's Your EH&S Personality?

By: Triumvirate Environmental
Throughout any industry there's a wide variety of management and working styles. Check out this fun quiz to see what your EH&S style is.


NAEM Releases Comprehensive Portrait of the EHS & Sustainability Professional

NAEM released its 
latest benchmarking study on the skills, knowledge areas and attributes of environment, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability professionals. NAEM Executive Director Carol Singer Neuvelt said the report sheds new light on the unique attributes of a function that leads through collaboration and influence. Read more.

Outstanding Example of a Safety Briefing

By: John Drebinger Jr.
Recently I joined the 
BNSFRoad Way Equipment Safety Leadership Team in Dallas, Texas. They began their meeting, as many companies do, with a safety briefing. For most meetings, I hear someone give a quick safety minute talk about a general hazard. At many meetings, the emergency exits are pointed out and actions to take are shared. BNSF went way beyond that in just about the same amount of time. First, I will discuss what they did and I will finish the article with why I am so excited about it. Read more.

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