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Got Forever Chemical Materials? How to Respond Safely and Compliantly

We’re hearing more and more about “forever chemicals” these days—and most of the news is serious, with changes in regulatory enforcement, reporting, and penalties.
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Black Environmentalists You Should Know

Black History Month is an opportunity to understand and acknowledge the endeavors of People of Color (POC) around the world. This Black History Month, we are recognizing environmental leaders and...

Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, Regulations, EHS History, Pollution

EHS History: What Started the EPA & What It Means For Your Business

Concern over air and water pollution grew in the 1950s and 1960s as people realized that human activities may have a significant impact on the environment. Rachel Carson's groundbreaking 1962 book ...

Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, DEP

DAB Disposal in NYC

3,3'-Daminobenzadine tetrahydrochloride (DAB) is an organic molecule that is oxidized by hydrogen peroxide in the presence of hemoglobin to produce a dark brown color that histologists can used to...

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EPA INSPECTIONS: Prepare & Respond to A Surprise Inspection

By Lawrence Hren, Onsite Support Services Coordinator

Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, Universal Waste Rule, Pharmaceutical Waste

How will the proposed EPA Universal Waste Rule change your program?

It is important to point out that the proposed universal waste rule for pharmaceuticals has not been passed. In the event that the rule is passed, it will still need to be adopted by individual...
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