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Best Practices for a Successful Lab Decontamination

  There are multiple reasons and benefits for completing a lab decontamination at your facility. It saves money, reduces liability, fulfills lease termination obligations, helps maintain the integrity of ongoing research, and helps ensure the safety of those who use...
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Lab Relocation, Lab Decontamination, Lab Decommissioning

Lab Decontamination: Common Scenarios and Challenges for Facilities

Managing and maintaining the integrity of laboratories is challenging, and nothing can be more daunting to an organization than environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance liabilities that can...

Lab Move, ANSI, Lab Relocation, Lab Moves, Lab Decontamination, Lab Decommissioning

Q&A Series: 3 Key Lab Relocation Questions Answered by Industry Expert, Ian Lanza

Whether you are expanding into a new space, renovating, moving operations, consolidating laboratories, or decommissioning a facility, laboratory cleanout and relocation can be complicated and costly....

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Lab Decommissioning Q&A: Industry Expert, Craig Sasse

Below, you can find all your burning lab decommissioning questions answered by industry expert, Craig Sasse. For  more information on lab decommissionings, contact us, or check out our downloadable...

Lab Relocation, Lab Moves, Education, Life Sciences, Lab Decontamination, Lab Decommissioning, Technical Services

Is your laboratory clean? Reduce liability with laboratory decommissioning

We hosted a lab decommissioning webinar featuring industry expert Craig Sasse. Find a copy of the slide deck used as well as the text below.
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