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DEA, Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Waste

6 Common Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Program Mistakes

There is a lot to consider when it comes to the proper disposal of DEA waste, from evolving regulations to stringent and required procedures. Because of the complexity, it can be easy to inadvertently overlook a few areas. Come audit time, failure to address these...
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DEA, Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Waste

Top Considerations for Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Pharmaceutical waste can be classified as non-hazardous, hazardous, or medical waste. To determine into which category a pharmaceutical waste falls, its chemical, physical, and toxicological...

DEA, Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Waste

DEA Controlled Substance Disposal: How to Achieve Compliance

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) imposes stringent rules and restrictions on DEA controlled substances to ensure that safety and environmental responsibility is held to the highest standard. If your...

DEA, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare

Are You Complying with USP General Chapter <800>?

Designed to protect staff and patient safety, United States Pharmacopeia’s (USP’s) latest chapter on handling hazardous drugs in the healthcare setting is USP General Chapter <800>.1 While the USP is...

DEA, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Technical Services

DEA Pharmaceutical Waste Q&A with Expert Mike Albert

For medications being wasted in the inpatient setting, what type of container should be used to physically render the product non-retrievable? Can you give some examples of specific containers that...

EPA, Universal Waste, Pharmaceuticals

Prescribed Pills in our Water Supply

By Damien Crawford, Technical Service Representative, Triumvirate Environmental Somerville


Get the Facts - Is PMU Right for You?

By Melissa Iozzo, Technical Specialist

Drinking Water, Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals in Washington, D.C.

by Bryan Soltysik, Senior Healthcare Account Manager
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