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CSHEMA Lab Safety Awareness Week Resources

Within labs, threats to worker and community safety are abundant. The first step to keeping safe is to know the hazards that exist and the precautions that can be utilized to better ensure safety.

This CSHEMA Lab Safety Awareness Week, we invite you to peruse a carefully curated selection of resources for both this and last year's event. Each of which will help you better understand and combat different lab safety challenges. 

2024 Lab Safety Awareness Week Resources

Engineering Controls

Lab engineering controls, like fume hoods, ventilation systems, and BSCs, are crucial for safe operations. Yet these vital machines cannot keep lab personnel safe unless they are regularly disinfected, maintained, decontaminated, and ready for use. Check out the resources below to learn more about this crucial upkeep. 

Chemical Storage

Best practices for chemical storage can help ensure safety when working with these potentially hazardous solvents, but exact guidelines can vary based on what chemicals are used and in what quantities. To help clear up some of this confusion and get started with a chemical inventory and management system, browse a selection of our resources related to this:

2023 Resources


Monday: PPE and General Attire

Do you understand the different levels of personal protective equipment (PPE), know what is needed for your specific purposes, and have access to all the necessary gear? Explore the resources below to learn all about PPE in laboratory settings. 

Tuesday: Lab Housekeeping

Making sure your lab is clean and organized can help prevent waste disposal issues and contamination. As a result, you can ensure your lab stays efficient and safe. Read on for more information about lab housekeeping—including waste collection and disposal, fume hood contamination and decontamination, and equipment choices. 

Wednesday: Lab Safety Equipment

Maintaining eye wash stations, showers, first aid kits, and more can help you better respond in the case of an injurious event in the lab. Below, read about some of the best practices for maintaining your eyewash station and safety showers as well as smaller-scale lab safety equipment. 

Thursday: Hazard Identification System

Being able to identify the hazards associated with various lab materials is the first step to enabling safe use of these chemicals—and responding swiftly and efficiently in the event of an emergency.  The resources below discuss best safety practices for managing, storing, and working with hazardous chemicals within your lab. 

Friday: We're All in This Together

Safe lab operations are the responsibility of each and every single person who works in, manages, supports, or even steps foot in a lab. From training, to compliance, to operational support—together, we can create a culture of safety. Read on to learn more. 



Lab Safety Awareness Graphic

Check out this graphic to compare and contrast a safe and prosperous lab to a dangerous and inefficient lab and make sure you are following the best practices of the safe lab!

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