EHS Services for Startups

VentureStart: EHS Support for Startup Laboratories

Early-stage research-oriented companies with laboratories face challenges navigating regulations, obtaining permits, managing chemicals, disposing hazardous wastes, and building EHS programs. Triumvirate’s VentureStart program provides EHS consulting, onsite waste management, and routine EHS support, allowing your scientists to focus on what they excel at. With VentureStart, our EHS experts quickly assess your environmental, health, and safety requirements and design a cost-effective program to keep your operation safe and compliant.

Making EHS Compliance Easy for Biotech Startups

For more than 30 years, our EHS support teams have helped hundreds of life science, biotech, pharmaceutical, and other laboratory-intensive operations obtain permits, manage hazardous materials, and comply with complex federal, state and local regulations. Our goal is to make it easy for you to focus on research and other important activities without the worry and distraction of EHS compliance.

VentureStart EHS Support Capabilities

Our EHS consultants and onsite support specialists design custom programs that fit your specific requirements. Our EHS services include:

  • CDC Registration
  • rDNA Permits
  • Lab Safety Programs
  • Biosafety Permits & Programs
  • OSHA Plans & Programs
  • Employee Medical Surveillance
  • EPA & DEP Licenses & Permits
  • EHS Inspections
  • Risk Assessments
  • Chemical Inventory
  • Chemical Storage & Handling
  • Chemical Hygiene Plans
  • Industrial Hygiene Plans
  • RCRA Compliance
  • Waste Disposal
  • Compliance Calendars
  • Compliance Training
  • Lab Relocation
  • Lab Decommissioning
  • Lab Decontamination

EHS Support Customized to Fit Your Startup Operation

We know each startup operation is unique, requiring different types and levels of EHS support. No company has helped more startup laboratories navigate EHS compliance than Triumvirate. Let us review your operation and design an EHS program that fits your needs and budget. Call us today.

Lab central ehs services

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Onsite Environmental Services

We offer a complete range of onsite environmental services including waste collection, internal waste transfer, EHS inspections, and chemical inventory management.

Chemical Inventory

We provide chemical inventory management services, software, and processes to keep track of your chemicals and waste materials.

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