EHS Services for Hospitals

Cost-Effective EHS Support for Hospitals

Hospitals face tremendous pressure to keep their operations safe and compliant while also working with tight budgets. The sheer volume of paperwork and the technical knowledge required to keep up with regulations places a challenging burden on hospital management and staff. As some hospitals know, the penalties for non-compliance can be stiff. Triumvirate provides EHS support services to help hospitals cost-effectively assess and improve environmental, health, and safety compliance.

EHS Support Services Designed for Hospitals

Our healthcare industry EHS consultants and support specialists offer the following services and capabilities:

  • Integrated Waste Management
  • Waste Minimization Strategies
  • Sustainability Strategies
  • Multi-Media Audits
  • Joint Commission Compliance
  • Compliance Tracking, Reporting & Analysis with ADVISE
  • Biosafety Programs
  • Compliance Training
  • Onsite Waste Management
  • Regulated Medical Waste Disposal
  • Medical Waste Recycling
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Management
  • Wastewater System Operation & Maintenance
  • Patient Care Risk Assessments (PCRA)
  • Emergency Response
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Laboratory Compliance
  • Laboratory Decontamination
  • Chemical Inventory

Making EHS Compliance Easier for Hospitals

Triumvirate has been helping the world’s most reputable hospitals stay safe and compliant for more than 30 years. We customize waste management and EHS compliance programs that fit your specific needs and meet your budget. Call us today to speak with one of our healthcare industry EHS support specialists.

Onsite Environmental Services

We offer a complete range of onsite environmental services including waste collection, internal waste transfer, EHS inspections, and chemical inventory management.

Chemical Inventory

We provide chemical inventory management services, software, and processes to keep track of your chemicals and waste materials.

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