Pre-Construction Risk Assessment

Assessing Pre-Construction Risk

As a healthcare provider, your main priority is patient care and safety. This needs to stay top-of-mind even during your construction, renovation, or demolition activities. Such projects may affect air quality, infection control, noise levels, and other issues, but we can help you keep your patients safe, while keeping you in compliance with Joint Commission standards.

Analyze Risk and Ensure Patient Safety

Our experienced EHS consultants can guide you through a comprehensive pre-construction risk assessment and implement a program to ensure patient safety during construction-related projects without hindering your activity. We will:

  • Assess patient care risk and Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSMs)
  • Make recommendations specific to your organization’s needs
  • Write and implement your construction policies and procedures
  • Communicate policies and procedures to your healthcare staff and your contractors

On-the-Ground Support Services

Our on-site experts provide support to ensure you adhere to Joint Commission standards during minor and major construction activities. Let us:

  • Conduct on-site inspections of your contractors and projects
  • Verify that construction field conditions adhere to your policies and to Joint Commission standards
  • Plan and implement risk assessment programs to meet infection control guidelines
  • Implement and manage ILSMs for construction, renovation, and demolition projects
  • Track, sort, and summarize data collected on-site for executive reports
  • Conduct job box and infection control trainings

You can keep track of all the associated data and have it at your fingertips with ADVISE, our unique web-based data collection and management system. 

Don’t put your patients at risk. Contact us today to conduct an assessment.

Construction of a modern building and

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EHS Services for Startups

Starting a business is hard. Our VentureStart program makes it easy for research- and lab-oriented ventures to navigate environmental, health, and safety requirements.

EHS Services for Established Operations

Need help improving EHS compliance to the next level? Our JumpStart program is designed to quickly help established companies boost compliance and reduce risk.

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