Integrated EHS and BSC Maintenance Programs Boost Operational Efficiency and Performance

In a time of intense competition among life sciences and similar organizations, operational excellence and financial and administrative efficiency are key to not just surviving, but thriving in the marketplace.

All too often, however, biotech, pharma, healthcare and other operational managers run extensive environmental, health, and safety (EHS) operations separately from their biological safety cabinet (BSC) maintenance programs. This is a loss for their organizations—as BSC and EHS program success are allied goals.

Wherever possible, aligning and combining them can yield multiple benefits in time and cost savings. It will contribute to BSC and facility contamination prevention. Admittedly, for most companies (as well as higher education, nonprofit, and other organizations) certifying, testing, and supporting BSCs is a time, money, and resource-consuming burden.

So, I suggest that this is all the more reason to combine BSC maintenance systems and solutions with the overall EHS program. This integration can streamline management, boost efficiencies, and strengthen operational accountability. We know that, because at Triumvirate Environmental, we already holistically support EHS and related programs, like BSC upkeep.

BSC-EHS Operations: Common Ground

We know firsthand such integrated approaches can yield multiple administrative and operational benefits. And the more an organization can unite these programs, the better. Our belief in uniting a holistic and integrated set of services into one portfolio has resulted, uniquely, in our EHSOne® offering.

This is an enterprise-scale program that enables organizations of all sizes to:

  • Develop and support a corporate-wide culture of safety and sustainability
  • Manage and improve regulated waste and disposal operations
  • Enjoy one service experience—with a single contract to streamline vendor relationships

Our outstanding BSC maintenance offerings are available, along with many other services, as part of the EHSOne® portfolio. This full approach involves:

  • Fielding on-site professional teams with deep subject matter expertise in BSC and EHS knowledge
  • Efficient, coordinated communication between all relevant stakeholders
  • Long-term, sustainable EHS and BSC compliance and certification
  • Commitment to overall EHS and BSC maintenance success

Below, we’ll explore what a fully integrated BSC-EHS platform entails—and why it offers competitive advantages.

Overcoming Traditional BSC vs. EHS Mindsets

This is a time when EHS managers must be more strategic in their thinking and see their operations at the enterprise level. So, we suggest this integrated approach to our clients who may rely on our EHS capabilities—but haven’t considered us for BSC operations (or vice versa).

Historically speaking, facility managers have been inclined only to see BSC maintenance in terms of its primary function: controlling the spread of contamination and keeping all appliances running in top order. Contrarily, they understand that EHS operations are about waste management, safety, and compliance.

So, typically the two programs will have separate:

  • Management, reporting, and accountability structures
  • Team members, including specialists and technicians
  • Procurement and supply operations, which involve the acquisition and distribution of cleaning appliances and chemicals, personal protective equipment (PPE), and so on
  • Third-party vendors that support the various components of the EHS or BSC maintenance operations
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs), and performance improvement and quality control systems
  • Planning methodologies and systems (as it can be a lot to adjust busy calendars across the organization!)

This is unfortunate, because there is plenty in common between EHS and BSC maintenance programs. Both support:

  • Safety
  • Chemical and industrial hygiene
  • Compliance
  • Avoidance of disruption and unplanned downtime 
  • Operational excellence and continuity
  • R&D integrity

So, it makes sense to synchronize these programs as much as possible during both administration and execution.

Exploring Deep BSC-EHS Synergies 

In fact, BSC maintenance and EHS programs are more alike than most managers realize. A great EHS program enables:

  • Staff to react to any emergency incident, from a fire to a chemical spill, quickly and efficiently—preventing full-blown disaster
  • Management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste from generation to disposal, ideally via sustainable methods
  • Effective team trainings, ensuring safety and effectiveness organization-wide

Similarly, a great BSC maintenance program:

  • Keeps the machines contamination-free, with all components fully functional, and ensuring operational excellence—preventing interruptions to drug discovery or production
  • Protects all team members who work with BSCs, fume hoods, and similar machines
  • Enables the fullest return on investment (ROI) for these expensive appliances, saving money in the long run

BSC Maintenance and EHS Programs Integration

Are you a manager currently overseeing EHS services—but your facility or network also maintains BSCs as a separate operation? You may be ready to leverage data-driven solutions and methodologies to integrate these programs more tightly.

We know from experience that some of the integration steps include:

  • Creating a committee, with members from both the BSC and the EHS teams. These industry pros can determine synergies between programs.
  • Determining shared KPIs, with key stakeholders setting overall goals for BSC decontamination and certification (reflecting EHS program objectives).
  • Centralizing planning for performance improvement and other operational programs.
  • Improving procurement, so that instead of making separate one-off purchases, administrators can consolidate buying processes, benefit from economies of scale, and more.
  • Implementing full, data-rich, cloud-based EHS and BSC management platforms that share KPIs, project status, and allow for rapid reporting and regulatory submissions.

Partnership for Successful EHS and BSC Ops

If you have separate EHS and BSC maintenance program operations, but are looking for some integration, you are on the path to success. Where it makes sense, folding these two sets of programs together will offer more focus, transparency, and control of all of a facility’s operations. Tight integration will result in more efficient teams and the systemic elimination of unsafe practices.

Do you already work with Triumvirate Environmental for EHS, training, or waste management services? Do you also need to establish or improve a BSC maintenance program? Then it’s a great time to think of integration. We invite you to explore our BSC offerings and our EHSOne® services. Together, team members across all our service lines can enable success for your BSC and EHS programs.

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