Waste Reduction for Hospitals

Create a Plan to Reduce Hospital Waste

Hospitals are under pressure to stay compliant and sustainable while also controlling costs. Our hospital waste management experts will help you evaluate your hazardous, non-hazardous, and biomedical waste streams and develop a comprehensive waste minimization plan.

Lower Your Costs of Hospital Waste Management

In addition to reducing hospital waste volume, Triumvirate helps clients lower costs by properly categorizing and segmenting wastes. We work with you to develop systems and training to ensure hospital staff are placing wastes most cost-effectively. We’ve found that up to 90% of material disposed into regulated medical waste containers is actually municipal solid waste. This is a costly mistake considering the high cost of regulated medical waste disposal. Correcting waste allocation practices can save a hospital hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Hospital Waste Management Strategies & Tactics

We take a holistic approach to hospital waste management, first looking to minimize waste, and then cost-effectively managing the necessary waste. Some of the solutions we provide:

  • Divert waste from high to low cost waste categories
  • Consolidate hazardous waste streams
  • Recover solvents
  • Track, report, and analyze hospital waste using our ADVISE™ software
  • Recycle formalin, oil, glycol, scrap metal, plastic, etc.
  • Re-use chemicals
  • Plan household hazardous waste collection days
  • Plan pharmaceutical waste collection days
  • Manage chemical purchasing
  • Review applicable regulations

Experts in Hospital Waste Minimization & Management

For over 30 years, our experts have worked with clients to optimize hospital waste management. We’ll help you create a waste minimization plan and make it easy to implement. Call us today to learn more.

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Webinar: Streamlining Waste Management in Healthcare

Tips for managing and maintaining your waste streams more effectively.

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