Medical Waste Recycling

Recycle Regulated Medical Waste into Plastic Lumber

Rather than dump regulated medical waste in landfills, more and more generators of regulated medical waste are using our innovative and sustainable Red2Green program to recycle red bag medical waste into plastic lumber for valuable uses in landscaping, construction, pallets, trucks & trailers, and other markets. Reduce your costs and improve your sustainability metrics by sending your regulated medical waste to Triumvirate.

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Red2Green: An Innovative Process for Medical Waste Recycling

Our proprietary process collects, sterilizes, and recycles regulated medical waste. Key steps to the program are:

  • Regulated medical waste is collected and transferred to our Red2Green processing facility in Jeannette, PA.
  • Regulated medical waste is shredded, treated by an EPA-approved sanitization process, and rendered no longer hazardous.
  • Sterilized material is further shredded, melted, extruded, and converted into various grades, dimensions, and colors of plastic lumber.
  • Plastic lumber, sold under our BestPLUS brand, is used for a variety of applications in industrial and residential markets.

Medical Waste Recycling as a Competitive Advantage

Stay ahead of competitors by lowering your regulated medical waste disposal costs. Choose recycling over traditional medical waste disposal methods and help your organization achieve sustainability goals, while reducing regulated medical waste disposal costs. Call us today to see if Red2Green is the right solution for you.

Medical waste material to be recycled into plastic lumber

Webinar: Sustainable, Cost-Effective Alternative to RMW Disposal

Learn how our innovative process enables you to recycle regulated medical waste (RMW), meet sustainability goals, and save on disposal costs.

Brochure: Red2Green  Regulated Medical Waste Recycling

Recycled Plastic Lumber

We’re turning your waste into sustainable plastic lumber for various applications.

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