Consulting Services


Triumvirate Environmental's consulting team ensures expert execution, documentation and reporting in all consulting services from compliance auditing to sustainability consulting. Our comprehensive skill set allows us to bundle consulting services with everything from related trainings to program management. 

Our diverse service offering combined with our consulting capacity, and innovative tools and approach allows Triumvirate to manage an organization’s entire environmental portfolio with ease. Using our proprietary web-based EHS data & analytics software ADVISE™, we are able to create an unmatchable consumer experience for our clients.

Our offerings include everything from audits to management reporting. We offer consulting on compliance, safety, sustainability and greening and more.  Below find a sampling of our consulting offerings.

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Environmental Health & Safety Compliance

We help you gain 100% compliance with all regulatory bodies including RCRA, DOT, IATA, OSHA and more.


We can help you through all steps of various permitting processes including air emissions, wastewater, biosafety, rDNA, Hazardous materials processing (MA), DOT registrations and more.

Plan Development

This includes chemical hygiene, oil SPCC, pretreatment slug control, integrated contingency plan, waste management, waste minimization and more.

Site Assessment and Remediation

This includes phase I & II environmental site assessments, decontamination and decommissioning, lead mold and PCB assessments, worker exposure monitoring, spill and contaminated site managements


This includes Tier II Chemical Inventory, Toxics Release Inventory (TRI, Toxics Use Reduction (TURA), Air emissions (state-specific), hazardous waste generator reports (state-specific), and more.

Safety Program Development

This includes Hazard Communication, Laboratory Safety, Chemical Hygiene and Biosafety, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Emergency Response and more.

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