Benefits of Automated Wastewater Pretreatment (FAIWPS)

A Fully-Automated Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment System is equipped with controls to initiate, conduct, and complete treatment processes automatically based on predetermined parameters and settings. Fully-automated systems are designed to mitigate risks and liabilities faiwps by reducing the chance of emergencies and preventing non-compliant discharge. In addition to decreasing liability, FAIWPSs also provide operational efficiencies for organizations,regardless of size or industry.

Benefits of FAIWPSs include:

Ensures compliance by automatically preventing discharge of off-specification wastewater

A FAIWPS will provide assurance against malfunction and accidental discharge of off-specification wastewater, helping to keep a facility safe and compliant. Fully-automatic systems can be designed to automatically shut down and divert flow to a temporary holding tank, or recirculate the wastewater until the preset control is restored.

Reduced manpower requirements

By utilizing a FAIWPS, a facility can more efficiently staff the wastewater operations, downsizing from needing a full-time licensed operator on-site during discharge, to requiring inspections only twice-per-week.

Allows easy outsourcing of operator oversight for seamless coverage and compliance

You don’t need to worry about employee turnover or vacations impacting your wastewater operations anymore. Operation and oversight of a FAIWPS can easily (and cost-effectively) be outsourced to a third party, without jeopardizing compliance and safety.

Remote notification of pre-programmed conditions and alarms via email, SMS text, or voice to multiple staff

The ability to program alerts and notifications is one of the coolest benefits of Fully-Automated Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Systems. The information reaches people instantly on their mobile devices via SMS text or email, allowing for rapid awareness and response if necessary. Messaging can be programed to alert both internal staff and external vendors.

Additional data and logging capabilities often integrated with remote notification systems allows for data aggregation and review

This allows an organization to identify trends and sources of potential system upsets, and makes it possible to more easily monitor chemical supply and replenishment needs, resulting in better overall operational performance and ensured compliance.

Don’t let antiquated wastewater systems hold you back. Ensure compliance and operational efficiency by updating to Fully-Automated Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Systems. Take advantage of a free wastewater system review to learn how to make your wastewater operations safe, compliant, and worry-free.

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