Protecting Brands with Safe, Compliant Device and Drug Disposal

What’s in a name? What’s in a brand? To some – everything. For innovative medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies, a well-known brand can be the difference between booming success and utter failure. Research and development, product management, and marketing teams work tirelessly to build a powerful, sustainable product and brand; but sometimes that isn’t enough to ensure success. What

safe device and drug disposal happens to the devices or drugs after they’ve been delivered to the user or retailer? What happens to spent devices when the user is done with them? Are they disposed of properly?

Improper disposal can lead to increased environmental liability, potential regulatory noncompliance, and even malicious behavior targeted at weakening your brand or market share. For these reasons, it is imperative to explore alternative disposal methods for both end users and retailers – dependant on the nature of your product.

Ensures Environmental Compliance and Reduces Liability

There are various programs available through waste management firms and environmental services companies that help organizations take control of their waste, particularly when it is hazardous or medical waste. These programs help ensure that an organization is properly disposing of their spent devices, expired drugs, or wastes; effectively avoiding regulatory noncompliance and reducing risk and liability. In many cases, third party service providers supply preaddressed envelopes or packages that meet all DOT requirements, and have the waste sent to a secure, licensed facility where they then manage and dispose of it. This allows the manufacturer and marketer to focus on their brand and product without worrying about noncompliance or changing regulations.

By providing proper disposal alternatives, companies can protect their valuable brand names from costly regulatory fines, or worse – costly negative press.

Protects Trade Secrets and Product Features

In addition to ensuring safe, compliant disposal, providing an alternative disposal option for users allows an organization to make sure that their devices aren’t ending up in the wrong hands. For cutting edge, innovative brands, choosing a safe disposal option helps to keep devices or expired drugs out of municipal landfills - which cannot guarentee security – and ensures that materials are handled through secure channels. Through an alternative disposal source, such as a mailback program, an organization can ensure that their drugs and devices (and their brand) are being managed and disposed of at a secure location, mitigating risks of brand or product tampering.

Securing Brand Investment

You’ll continue to invest in the development of your brand (as you should); however, be sure not to ignore the risks associated with disposal of spent devices or expired pharmaceuticals. Despite your continued investment of resources into brand building, improper disposal can negatively impact the value of the brand. Protect your brand and your investment with alternative, safe, and secure disposal options. To learn more, take advantage of a free consultation with a member of our waste management team.

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