Changes to Wastewater Staffing Requirements in MA

Food_and_Beverage-Wastewater_Treatment_Plant-resized-600Last week Triumvirate Environmental hosted a webinar on wastewater compliance. Here's what you need to know about the changes in the MA staffing requirements. To view the entire slide presentation from the webinar, check out the deck embedded below. To learn more about our wastewater compliance services look here.

There have been questions and various interpretations around wastewater requirements for years. These regulations established a program whereby sewer system extensions and connections are regulated and permitted by the Department. Up until recently, organizations had to adhere to the regulation: M.G.L. c. 21, § 43. 314 CMR 7.00  to insure proper operation of wastewater treatment facilities and sewer systems within the Commonwealth.

314 CMR 7.00 has been decimated by changes in 2014. Most regulations within that code were moved to 314 CMR 12.00 FAIWPS & Grade 1I/2I. 

The replacement regulation reads as follows: pursuant to the authority of M.G.L. c. 21, §§ 27(9), 27(12), 34 and 43 the Department hereby establishes standards and pretreatment requirements to insure the proper operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment works and the protection and enhancement of water resources within the Commonwealth. 314 CMR 12.00

In this regulation, IWPS and exclusions are defined as well as the requirements for a staffing plan and IWPS.

As before the staffing plan must include:

  • Descriptions (Facility & IWPS)
  • Permits & Standards
  • Sampling/Analytical Procedures
  • Maintenance, Emergency, Safety, Utility, and Supply Plans
  • Personnel Management / Staffing O&M Manual

The new regulation states that the MADEP no longer defines staffing requirements. It's the responsibility of the facility owner to do so by submitting a plan to the MADEP and getting it approved.  There is a three step process to assuring compliance with this new regulation. 1.) Know your permit 2.) Develop a calendar 3.) Update your manual & plans.