EHSOne's Secret Sauce for Success

Ever taste a special homemade food dish that you really enjoyed from grandmother or grandfather—but you never learned the secret ingredient or process that made it succeed?

I know I did! And I regret I never got the recipe—there was nothing quite like it!

Well, from experience, I also know there are subtle ingredients and processes in providing environmental, health, and safety (EHS) services—ones that lead to outstanding success, often in unpredictable ways. We can call it the EHS Secret Sauce for Success principle—and the final result even includes a sizable amount of sustainability.

During my many years in EHS partnering, I’ve seen it frequently in play. The special success for the client, with exceptional return on investment (ROI), come typically from having a partner that acts as a change ambassador for global support. This might sound intangible—but it really isn’t. Let me define this concept a little more clearly below.

EHS Secret Sauce for Success

Deploying change ambassadors for global EHS support is unique in the industry. There are a variety of EHS vendors that cover a gamut of services—from waste disposal to safety training to on-site operations. Some do it quite competently. But what change ambassadors do is go beyond discrete EHS processes and holistically view how the client’s operations can be improved overall.

The successful ambassadorship sauce requires the following ingredients:

  • Tightly integrated partner team members - On-site change ambassadors create lines of communication as they form interactive teams, both in and out of the client’s facilities. The ambassadors become client partners, with intimate knowledge of the customer’s people and facilities—this enables special added support drivers.
  • Proactive engagement capabilities - Ambassadors are professionals who think imaginatively—getting insights into the bigger EHS picture. Driven by the global and site goals of each individual company they serve, ambassadors are experts in creatively sponsoring process improvements. Ambassadorship and change require thinking differently, challenging the established norms—and we also save money by saving the environment, something we all like to do.
  • Multiple layers of technical expertise - Knowledge is power. To fully succeed, team members must demonstrate outstanding EHS savvy. And they must be capable of tapping into the full knowledge resources from both on-site ambassador colleagues—as well as those of the entire firm.

Ambassadorship is a way to apply these special ingredients for client EHS success. It drives solid ROI both in the near- and long-term, in unpredictable ways. The secret EHS success formula means ambassadors are always ready to improve existing systems, make them more robust, and realize greater safety and efficiency results.

EHSOne: Our Secret Sauce

Not every vendor can field global change ambassadors. For instance, the ideal ambassadors are committed to not just immediate success for the basic EHS goals—but for the overall success of safety culture, with compliance, efficiency, and sustainability objectives as part of their responsibilities. This requires training and special capabilities.

It also needs a platform for data sharing so that the best practices and ideas don’t wither on the vine. Success needs the practitioners to cultivate, assess, and implement, at full scale, new protocols. The empowered ambassadors will be capable, in a timely manner, of making observations, collecting data, and creating improvement recommendations and executable plans. Contrarily, the team will have the discrimination to weigh and discard inefficient ideas (no one wants to add sour grapes to their recipes!).

This is where the EHSOne® program comes in. When we designed our unique service, we wanted a flexible platform that could support unlimited future growth for the client’s EHS operations, at every pivot required. Via EHSOne®, we look beyond safety and waste disposal—to overall sustainable lab and other operations.

EHSOne® is a way of connecting the dots to a massive network of services, all through our on-site teams. It allows us to utilize our company’s full resources and expertise. We utilize our EHS Secret Sauce for your success!

Global EHS Ambassador: My Green Lab

Providing change ambassadors for global support enables us to help key clients improve sustainability while saving money and resources. But recently, we decided to take this effort even further—and add yet another killer ingredient to our EHS Secret Sauce, for our laboratory customers. We did this by partnering with My Green Lab.

This is a nonprofit organization that promotes a global culture of science sustainability. By driving sustainability improvements, My Green Lab supports the overall success of all lab and manufacturing organizations. Simultaneously, the organization avoids creating unnecessary EHS burdens on scientists—who are often very busy solving the world’s biggest problems, and have limited time to think about safety and sustainability.

This also involves modifying lab operations to ensure full productivity, by the balanced deployment of all needed resources. Such an approach doesn’t change or dilute scientific activities—instead, it preserves lab safety, 24/7.

Triumvirate Environmental shares the organization’s approach and believes in its objectives. We work closely with My Green Lab to train our own people to become ambassadors for My Green Lab’s ideals and programs. Our EHSOne® team members embrace My Green Lab’s approaches and help extend the organization’s reach.

Sustainability as a Lifestyle

Global EHS programs make sustainability a business lifestyle—sometimes it’s reflected in the title of specific approaches with EHS (such as Environment Health Safety and Sustainability (EHSS) and Safety, Health, Environment and Sustainability (SHE&S)).

Any full EHS program requires change management that exceeds the traditional safety space and enters the overall environmental field. We aim for a sustainable, efficient future. This involves the effort to support change from the top down—as well generating ideas to support saving time, money, and effort.

Triumvirate Environmental has evolved its EHS Secret Sauce to taste even better! Our grandparents were proud of their private recipes—and we at Triumvirate Environmental take pride in our formula for EHSOne® and ambassadorship. Join with us and we’ll take pride in creating a unique success recipe together.

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