Find the Best EHS Management Software for Your Program


ADVISE_4-1The digital age is in full swing and managing an EHS program is a delicate process. To help simplify the latter, many organizations are beginning to realize the value of EHS management software. Here’s what you need to know to decide if implementing EHS management software would benefit your organization:      

You Should Consider Compliance Software If You:

  • Have a multi-site EHS program with various groups tracking compliance
  • Seek to improve overall institution compliance, such as environment of care rounds and lab audits
  • Need internal tracking and trending of metrics for any program at any time

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Paper-Only System

Though paper record keeping is still an option, those who use this method run the risk of misplacing records and have a difficult time tracking and trending without automated options. Electronic programs allow for documentation as well as back-up security, tracking and trending capabilities. A hybrid approach is ideal for those who want multiple storage options should one system be compromised.

Things to Do Before Buying

  • Make sure your users test the software
  • Consider workflow revisions to match software capabilities
  • Consider training, communication programs, documentation systems, inventory systems, and any other waste tracking/compliance requirements
  • Look at reviews and customer satisfaction
  • Ask for a free trial!

Market Leaders

Below are a few of the leading EHS management software solutions according to Capterra:

Intelex EHS Management Software

Applications: Incidents & Risk Management, Documents & Training, Audits & Inspections, Compliance & Operations

EMEX EHS Solution

Applications: Incident Management, Audits, Risks, Actions, Safety Observations

Rivo EHS Management Software

Applications: Actions/Tasks Management, Audit & Inspection Management, Document & Policy Management, Incident Reporting & Management, Compliance, Risk & Hazard Management, Surveys & Assessments

EHS Insight Enterprise 

Applications: Incident Management, Audit Management, Business Performance, Risk Management, Environmental Management, Offline/Mobile

Platforms like these make it easy to manage, track, and report your EHS data all in one program. Compare the functionality and associated costs of each solution to your program requirements and available budget. After your assessment, determine whether you need a robust set of applications or if a flexible, more customized solution is a better fit.

Customized Software Options

ADVISE is Triumvirate’s very own EHS software solution. It’s a less expensive option and unlike others, was created by EHS experts and provides expert support on the back end.

Rather than only having tech support, you have real-life compliance, safety, and waste experts to help you meet your needs. This software can serve as a hub for controlling your entire program.

Excel may seem like stone-age technology for a modern-day EHS program, but it’s free and simple to use. This explains why “the spreadsheet” still exists in the EHS space.

Next Steps

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase an EHS software solution, you’ll need to define an implementation strategy and a clear path to achieving ROI. For more advice on optimizing your compliance program using EHS software, check out our upcoming webinar Technology in the EH&S Space.