How to Be a Sustainable Business: 4 Bookmarks You Need to Stay on Top of Your Triple Bottom Line Game

Screen Shot 2014 07 08 at 7.46.44 AMPicture a sustainable business. Maybe you see recycled, repurposed everything? No paper? Hippies dancing in the aisles and wearing repurposed potato sacks to work?

Now imagine a wildly financially successful business. Do you see the same thing? Probably not. It’s sometimes difficult to imagine how financial and sustainability goals can align. It’s even more difficult if you don’t know what a triple bottom line is.

In short, a triple bottom line (TBL) is a framework that focuses on improving the social, financial, and sustainable performance of your organization by considering how these three aspects are intertwined.

Staying up to date with your triple bottom line can save your business money and time while improving you’re reputation and positively impacting the environment and your community. There are constantly new methods and tactics being tested for creating a first-rate TBL. Staying on top of these will help your business reach it’s full potential.

The only problem? Keeping up with all of this can be burdensome and time consuming. 

To make your life a little bit easier, we’ve compiled the top four sites you should bookmark to get you’re triple bottom line in shape. We’ve included a complete list of free resources and tools at the end of the presentation.

Don’t feel like watching our wonderful presentation? You can find the 4 links with brief descriptions below.








This is for: 

TBL stories and news as well as a rockin’ description of what we mean when we say “triple bottom line”. To keep up to date with what other businesses are doing and other innovations in the field, this is your source.

Something you’ll find on this site?
An article on how to create a climate adaptation plan, a feature on an Alaskan air group’s sustainability goals and other TBL news.  


This is a:
Triple bottom line example analysis. This is a great presentation on how focusing on your triple bottom line is great for your business all around. Read through to learn more or share with colleagues.

Valuable info in this presentation:
How simple changes like using fluorescent lights can impact all aspects of your triple bottom line.  

The Guardian

This is a:
Sustainable business blog. Want to interact and learn from likeminded people about their sustainability questions and struggles? This is the place for you. This is a “professional network” branch of The Guardian’s site, meaning it’s a “community focused site” where the goal is to bring together advice and insight.

You’ll find:
Articles on system change for sustainable future, editorials on sustainability with celebrity endorsements, and more.  

Complete Bookmark List

  1. Sustainable Blog and Information Source

  2. Triple Bottom Line Seminar

  3. TBL Alliance

  4. Guide to Triple Bottom Line Reporting

  5. American Sustainable Business Council

  6. Businesses for Social Responsibility

  7. The Triple Bottom Line by Andrew W. Savitz [Book]

  8. Huffington Post: Triple Bottom Line Aggregation

  9. Sustainability Professionals Group

  10. Blog/Group on the benefits of investing based on TBL

  11. TBL Case Studies

Stay tuned for more educational content on improving your triple bottom line including never-before-seen case studies, calendar templates, and an ROI calculator.