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[Infographic] Statistics You Need to Know About Industrial Waste Transportation and Disposal

Here are some statistics and other facts you need to know about waste transportation and disposal: Over 400 million tons of hazardous waste are thrown out a year. That’s over 13 tons every second. Most transportation and disposal companies own an incernator or...
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hazardous waste, eh&s, waste

“Used” vs. “Waste” Oil Explained: EH&S Alphabet Soup

During a compliance audit a few years ago, we were advised to change the labeling of oil drums ready for disposal from “waste oil” to “used oil”. Although it is easy to confuse the two, used oil...

eh&s, waste, PHMSA, waste management, bulk

"Bulk" in 100 Words or Less: EH&S Alphabet Soup

If you're in the EH&S field, you're probably using hundreds (maybe even thousands) of acronyms on a day-to-day basis. With so much regulatory jargon, it's easy to forget or misuse a word here or...

hazardous waste disposal, hazardous waste, waste, lab pack, ship waste, non-bulk waste shipping, n.o.s., not otherwise specified, lab packing, shipping waste, bulk shipping

Are You Familiar with lab packs?

By Steve Todisco, Senior Healthcare Account Manager

RCRA, hazardous waste, EPA, DOT, waste, non-compliance, pharmaceutical waste, RCRA pharmaceutical waste, EPA/State regulated hazardous waste, regulated hazardous waste, ship hazardous waste, DOT compliant transporters, pharmaceutical

Where your pharmaceutical waste goes once it leaves your hospital

By Bob Shuman, Corporate Director of Healthcare

Main Accumulation Area, environmental programs, hazardous waste, waste, non-hazardous waste, Onsite Support, regulations, hazardous waste regulations, evolution, environmental industry, hazardous waste service provider, lab generated waste, plant generated waste, clinical lab generated waste, labs, laboratories, Onsite Support Services, has this been in compliance since its inception?, hazardous waste program

The Evolution of Onsite Support Services

From the Loading Dock to the Lab 

hazardous, waste, Sarbanes-Oxley, compliance officer, pharmaceutical

Hospital Compliance Officers and Pharmaceutical Hazardous Waste

by Bob Shuman, National Healthcare Director
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