Why Minimizing Your Company’s Waste Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

Screen_Shot_2014-12-31_at_10.23.18_AMMinimizing waste is a good thing to do because it’s sustainable. It helps the environment. It will make your company better, but initiating a waste minimization plan at your company could also be beneficial to your career goals and position within the company. Here’s how a waste minimization plan could benefit your company (and you!).

There’s Always an Opportunity To Do More

Waste minimization isn’t something you do and then stop. There is always opportunity to minimize your waste, whether you work at a healthcare institution or in manufacturing, waste minimization is a project you can take ownership of and keep for the long haul. A good way to keep the momentum of a waste minimization program going is to gather a team of interested employees regularly to brainstorm and discuss improvements. There are several tried and true source reduction tactics you can use if your team is out of ideas.

Community Involvement

Waste minimization is the responsibility of the entire organization from executives to the EHS department to marketing. Creating a program that brings your facility together as a team bodes well for your leadership abilities. Stage workplace competitions related to waste minimization to increase participation and measure the success of your organization’s involvement.

Create A Reason to Improve Training and Organization

Part of implementing a waste minimization plan involves creating and managing the plan and training employees on correct procedures. While organizing and training for your waste minimization plan, allow your company the opportunity to look at other existing EHS programs and trainings.

Optimize Branding

A sustainable brand is more marketable. As audiences become more health and environmentally conscious, it’s increasingly important for all companies to show that they understand. Companies which are socially and environmentally responsible can point with pride to their compliance numbers, making it a great sales tool.

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