Coronavirus (Covid-19) Decontamination & EHS Support Services

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During a time of crisis and uncertainty, partner with a trusted expert. For more than 30 years, we have been solving complex environmental challenges for organizations in the Life Sciences, Education, Healthcare, and Industrial markets. We are leveraging our experience to support organizations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Returning to Work Support Services

As businesses return to work, we are helping organizations assess risk, prepare workspaces, and operate safely. Our services include:

  • Covid-19 Risk Assessments & Risk Management
  • Pandemic Preparedness & Recovery Plan Development
  • Decontamination of Virus-Infected Labs, Facilities & Work spaces
  • Routine/Periodic Disinfection Services
  • Covid-19 Infectious Waste Management
  • Covid-19 Emergency Response
  • HVAC Assessments
  • Wastewater Sampling


Back-to-Campus Support Services

As higher education institutions prepare for the next semester, we are partnering with them to help ensure a smooth, safe transition. Our key services include:

  • General Campus Plan Validation: Review of general operating plans and procedures for classrooms, dormitories, administration areas, and public spaces
  • Decontamination: Disinfection of any space in which a person who tested positive was residing or working
  • Covid-19 Best Practice Implementation: Design and implementation of day-to-day best practices to reduce the likelihood of the virus spreading through campus
  • Testing Program Management: Design, implementation, and execution of a robust, ongoing testing program of the campus community to provide early warning of infections
  • Validation of Facility Operational Planning: Operating plan review of how facility teams (maintenance, grounds, housekeeping, janitorial) are operating safely
  • Safe Use of Lab Space Planning: Design and implementation of lab space operations such that the learning process and/or research is conducted effectively while reducing close contact and virus spread
  • HVAC Evaluation: Evaluation of buildings and their mechanical and life safety systems to determine if the buildings are ready for occupancy and ensure that ventilation systems can operate properly. 


Covid-19 Response Services

Our team is on the front lines helping organizations respond to Covid-19 exposure. Our services include:

Facility Downtime Services During Covid-19 Closures

While you have fewer staff on site or have shut down, you can focus on operational maintenance and upgrade projects that typically require some disruption to your operations. We can safely handle these projects for you:

  • Lab Acid Waste Line Cleaning
  • HVAC Duct Cleaning
  • Oil Water Separator/Catch Basin/Injector Pit Cleaning
  • Wastewater Tank Cleaning/Chip Tank Cleaning
  • Fume Hood and BSC Cleaning & Certification
  • High Hazard Assessment & Stabilization (Peroxide Formers)
  • Silver Recovery System Maintenance

Covid-19 Testing & Screening Services

Triumvirate has been setting up and managing Covid-19 testing operations since the beginning of the outbreak. Our experience includes supporting safe Covid-19 Mobile Testing operations to fully running large Covid-19 testing and screening programs at large colleges, universities, and pharmaceutical facilities. Triumvirate’s experienced project managers, EHS consultants, environmental engineers, environmental specialists, and health specialists are capable of managing all aspects of your testing and screening operation.

  • Turnkey Covid-19 Testing & Screening Operations
  • Work Zone Design & Safety
  • Covid-19 Contamination Zone Procedures
  • Covid-19 PPE Protocols
  • Emergency Response & Preparedness
  • Regulated Medical Waste Packing, Management & Disposal
  • Site Decontamination & Disinfection

Covid-19 EHS Support Services

Our expertise is not limited to decontamination or waste disposal. Tailored to your organization's unique needs, we can provide:


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