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In addition to following proper handling and storage requirements as dictated by their state, employers with facilities that generate regulated medical waste (a.k.a., biological, clinical, infectious, medical, biomedical, and etiologic wastes) are required to train certain employees in the applicable DOT hazardous materials transportation regulations (49 CFR Parts 100-185). Triumvirate’s Shipping Medical Waste Training covers the DOT regulations affecting employers generating these wastes – employers like hospitals, health clinics, research labs, biopharma companies, and higher education institutions.

Shipping Medical Waste Training Format

  • Online on-demand recorded webinar training (60 minutes)

Who Should Take Training on How to Ship Medical Waste?

Employees who:

  • Sign shipping papers (medical waste tracking forms), affix labels or markings to the final packaging, seal containers for transport, or otherwise perform pre-transport functions covered by the hazardous materials regulations

What You Will Learn

  • General awareness overview of the hazardous materials regulations, including administrative responsibilities (training, annual registration, security planning, security awareness, recordkeeping, and enforcement)
  • Perspective on state programs regulating internal storage and handling
  • Classification of infectious substances
  • Categorization of pathogenic materials (Category A vs. Category B)
  • Proper shipping names and hazmat shipping description formatting
  • General package survivability requirements
  • Specific packaging specifications
  • Special provisions
  • Hazard labeling and markings
  • Completion/review of shipping papers

Stay Safe and Compliant with Training from Triumvirate

Companies serious about compliance go to Triumvirate for training on Shipping Medical Waste. Our Trainers bring years of industry experience and make a dry subject interesting and easy to absorb.

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