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Safety Matters: How to Convince Others


Safety rules exist, not because safety professionals stayed up late trying to figure out ways to make things take longer and cost more money. It’s because they know that when someone did it the wrong way, they were either killed or crippled. Of course, you know that, but how do you convince others at your organization to take safety seriously?

More to the point, How do you convince them it’s worth the budget? Over the past 40 years, The Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI) has discovered nearly 100 ways to convince others that lab safety is important. In this webinar, James Kaufman, Founder & President Emeritus of LSI, will share the whole list and discuss several of the ways.

This Webinar is for:

  • ANYONE who wants a safer lab
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Professionals
  • Facilities Managers
  • Lab Managers / Supervisors / Workers
  • Researchers and Science Educators
  • Risk Managers/ Operations Managers
  • Safety/Security Directors
  • School Administrators
  • Science, Art & Technology Educators

Speaker Profile

jim_kaufman-1James Kaufman is the Founder & President Emeritus of The Laboratory Safety Institute. Dr. Kaufman was Professor of Chemistry at Curry College near Boston, Massachusetts. Prior to Curry, he was a research chemist at Dow Chemical. While there, he became increasingly involved in lab safety activities and authored Laboratory Safety Guidelines, which has become the world's most widely distributed lab safety publication. Dr. Kaufman is regarded as the nation's foremost authority on safety instruction in academia. He is the author-narrator of the ACS Audio Course on Laboratory Safety and Editor of Waste Disposal in Academic Institutions, Lewis Publishers, as well as the "One-Day Lab Safety Audio Seminar" and "Two-Day Lab Video Short Course."  Most recently, he created on-demand versions of LSI's most popular courses.

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