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Written by Ian Lanza

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solvent waste, HPLC, VOCLok

3 Ways Your HPLC Waste SAA Is Putting Your Employees & Your Organization at Risk

Many solvent waste systems used in pharmaceutical, healthcare, and higher education research do not appropriately address the safe or compliant collection of hazardous waste. In fact, many of these “systems” aren’t much of a system at all. In most cases waste...
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lab relocation

5 Steps to Take Before Relocating Your Lab

Rapidly evolving biotech, pharmaceutical, and research companies and departments require constant organizational changes and facility resizing. This is often achieved through entering into...

Field Services, lab pack, lab safety, lab move, lab relocation, Education, life sciences, lab decontamination, technical services

7 Things You Need to Know Before Moving Your Lab

There are a lot moving parts when it comes to completing a lab relocation. You have to pack and label chemicals, decontaminate your lab thoroughly, and transport everything to the new lab, all...

lab move

3 Important Lab Move Questions Answered By Industry Expert, Ian Lanza

Planning and executing a lab move is a daunting and complicated process. Our in-house expert, Ian Lanza will be presenting a webinar on strategies for managing a lab move with a focus on time and...

sustainability, technical services

In Honor of Earth Day! Our Thoughts On The Hierarchy of Sustainable Waste Management

Waste has emerged as a necessary evil in all industrial economies.  And as industrial revolutions have increased productivity and economic activity exponentially, it has also increased waste...

eh&s, training, DOT Training, safety training, life sciences

5 Compliance Trainings Every Life Science Organization Needs

Whether you work at a premiere pharmaceutical company or a biotechnology start up, your organization has employees that require training to protect against risk and satisfy federal safety and...
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