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chemical inventory

Here’s What to Do When Your Chemical Inventory Log Doesn’t Match What’s in the Flammables Cabinet

In a perfect world, chemical inventory management is as simple as scanning a bottle at the loading dock and scanning it once it’s been used up. Any EHS manager or lab supervisor will quickly realize that this is almost never the case. Discrepancies arise in even the...
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chemical inventory

Running an Efficient Chemical Reconciliation to Maintain an Accurate Chemical Inventory

Chemical reconciliations are like hitting refresh on your chemical inventory system. After you perform a chemical reconciliation in your lab or at your facility, the chemical inventory is...

chemical inventory

How to Reduce Costs with an Accurate Chemical Inventory

It’s easy to think of chemical inventory software as just a chunk out of your EHS budget. It is often a large piece of software that is tough to manage and only exists for running one or two...

chemical inventory

The Critical Link Between Your Chemical Inventory and SDSs

We all know the regulations tell us we need to keep Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for all the chemicals you have on your site. Most of us also have some record of our chemical inventory. These two...

chemical inventory

Choosing the Right Chemical Inventory Software for You

If your company stores hazardous chemicals onsite you will, at some point, be required to present a legitimate chemical inventory to federal, state, or local authorities. Many companies have...

lab chemicals, lab safety, chemical inventory

Protect Yourself and Your Employees by Finding the Right Caps for Your Chemical Bottles

It's common for bottles to over-pressurize, break and spill in labs causing emergency response situations, endangering employees and costing organizations money. Even plastic or cardboard...

chemical inventory, Education, life sciences, technical services

Know the Regulation, Improve Your Chemical Inventory System

Yesterday, we hosted a webinar on managing a chemical inventory system. One of several topics addressed were the regulations surrounding chemical inventory sysem management. Here they are: (You...

Field Services, chemical inventory, Education, life sciences, technical services

Chemical Management & Inventory: It's Not Easy

Can you spot where this chemical inventory system needs improvement? Scroll over the stars for more information on creating a top-notch chemical inventory system. 

Field Services, higher education, chemical inventory, Education, life sciences, technical services

Chemical Inventory: 5 Things Students Don’t Know

For educational institutions, it’s important that an EHS employee keep a proper inventory of all chemicals in your labs and facilities. Unfortunately, this job is often left up to work-study...

Triumvirate Environmental, chemical, chemicals, chemical inventory, lab waste, data base, bar-codes and laser beams, laser beams, bar codes, bar codes, chemical supplies

Bar-Codes and Laser Beams

By Matthew Chiasson, Chemist II
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