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Featuring Roan Biron

Roan Biron is Triumvirate Environmental’s systems operations manager for EHS technologies. They have years of experience supporting waste tracking and training management software. They specialize in initiatives focused on the planning, development, launching, and management of chemical inventory and SDS programs for the company’s partners.


Hazardous, Environmental Health and Safety, Emergency Plan, Chemicals, Hazardous Chemicals, Chemical Management, Chemical Labeling, Chemical Safety

A Chemical Event Just Occurred: What Next?

How would you react in the case of a chemical event in your facility? Read full article

Chemical Inventory, Cost Reduction

Cut Risks for Chemical Management Noncompliance

As an operations manager at a biopharma or manufacturing company or a lab, you know the risk of chemical management noncompliance—and how it can jeopardize your people, operations, and the public at... Read full article

Chemical Inventory, Life Sciences, laboratory safety

Reconciling Your Lab's Chemical Inventory Drift

Implementing a reliable chemical inventory system takes time and effort. And when chemical inventory drift occurs, it can be incredibly frustrating to have to reconcile and regain accurate chemical... Read full article
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New Chemical Inventory System: How Do I Make This Work?

August 26, 2020

How to Build and Maintain a Reliable Chemical Inventory Program

June 29, 2021
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