Triumvirate Opens New Transfer Facility in Ashland, VA

We’re proud to announce the opening of a new transfer facility in Ashland, VA this week. Thirteen miles away from Richmond, VA, this transfer station is situated within close proximity to both Durham and Raleigh, NC, allowing for service coverage throughout Virginia and North Carolina. The property is a commercial material transfer facility in the Hanover County Air Parktransfer facility ashland va area.

Equipped with a truck-to-truck loading dock, the Ashland facility allows Triumvirate to aggregate containers of waste collected from off-site generators under strict operating requirements. Surrounded by a gated fence and monitored with cameras, this space will hold containerized hazardous and non-hazardous waste that is in-transit to an end disposal facility. Triumvirate is permitted under its Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VA DEQ) transporter licenses to handle a variety of regulated materials, including RCRA wastes, regulated medical waste, and non-regulated waste materials.

As an organization, we’re excited to add this 7,000 square foot property to our list of assets, and have relocated staff and vehicles in support of the expansion. 

“Establishing a new transfer facility in Ashland allows us to leverage the Mid and South-Atlantic regions,” says Clinton Atkinson, a Senior Business Development Manager. “The property enhances our ability to provide superior service and competitive prices in the area. It allows Triumvirate to reduce outgoing shipments by placing more containers on fewer trucks.”

“We have a local presence in the area now,” says Mr. Atkinson, a native of North Carolina. “Customer intimacy is a core value here at Triumvirate. With our new location, we increase the quality of service provided to our clients and future prospects in the area.”

Organizations that generate waste in surrounding areas can rest easy – and with heavier pockets, too –  knowing that Triumvirate can keep them in compliance with timely waste removal, be on-call for short-notice pickup requests, and quickly arrive on-site in a potential emergency situation.

“It will be comforting for customers in surrounding areas to know that Triumvirate is a phone call away,” Mr. Atkinson explains. “We can mobilize the trucks, crew, and equipment to be on-site when needed.”

The new Ashland transfer facility allows Triumvirate to provide innovative, customer-intimate environmental solutions throughout the Mid-Atlantic and South-Atlantic regions.

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