LabCentral Sponsors Gather to Celebrate The Facility's Quickly Approaching Opening

Triumvirate held a meet and greet reception for LabCentral sponsors yesterday. After hearing a progress update from Executive Director Johannes Fruehauf, attendees were able to tour LabCentral firsthand, and hear about the space from people who are at work planning each inch of space, every day! LabCentral sponsors Meet Greet resized 600

The space will hold up to 70 scientists, in shared space, private space, wet lab, and office space. So far, ten companies have been selected to reside in LabCentral – one of which has already been announced. Vaxess Technologies, a local startup that uses silkworm protein to create thermo-stable vaccines, will hold space in LabCentral. Vaxess' research is geared toward bringing vaccines to developing countries without cold transportation or storage. 

During yesterday’s tour, it was awe-inspiring to glimpse the brightly-colored primer already painted onto a few walls, and spigots emerging from sink faucets, sitting ready, waiting for the research that will initiate in under two months. There is a feeling of discovery yet-to-come. A feeling of home for people, practices, and ground-breaking hypotheses that have the potential to change history and deliver life-saving findings to the world.

In its planning stage, LabCentral has been able to implement many innovative ideas from its neighbor, the Cambridge Innovation Center. Setting up shared space – whether it be in the kitchen, a meeting room, or the play room (complete with a Playstation 3 in the corner!) – is an important piece to it all. Shared space promotes functionality and value, encouraging researchers to sit and discuss new ideas together…perhaps even write collaborative grants!

700 Main Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts is a location that holds a weighty history of innovation. Thomas Watson stood in this same space, receiving the first ever telephone call, from Alexander Graham Bell on March 10, 1876. November 1, 2013 will mark another important day in the chronicles of modern advancement and invention. LabCentral will officially open its doors to biotech startups  with high-potential entrepreneurs from all parts of the world –researchers who will one-day hopefully experience the same “Eureka!” moment in their research that Watson and Bell did in that first call. “We plan to add to this story,” said Tim Rowe, co-founder of LabCentral. And so they will. As a proud sponsor, we are sure of it.