DEA Controlled Substance Disposal: How to Achieve Compliance

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) imposes stringent rules and restrictions on DEA controlled substances to ensure that safety and environmental responsibility is held to the highest standard. If your facility requires disposal for expired pharmaceuticals, for example, errors in the disposal process can result in significant fees and fines. It can be beneficial for your facility to work with a hazardous waste management specialist. Today, we’ll highlight a few of the complexities of hazardous pharmaceutical waste management, and how joining forces with a waste management provider can benefit companies that handle DEA controlled substances.

Complete Code Compliance

One of the most challenging aspects of managing controlled substances and pharmaceutical waste is meeting the standards set forth by the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). This law was put in place by the DEA to function as a resource for the proper management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. A program was mandated by Congress to carry out the inspection and allow the EPA to serve as the agency for conducting all regulations and requirements.

Meeting applicable laws and regulations is crucial to ensuring your operation is both safe and sustainable. Hiring a reverse distributor/waste disposal company can enable you to satisfy all of these regulations without the stress or labor required to configure a successful program on your own.

Correct Disposal Methods

Dealing with various waste types during routine operations makes it vital for companies that manage pharmaceuticals or DEA controlled substances to create an effective disposal program. This program should rely on proven methods and equipment for a safe and efficient outcome.

Management of Programs and Training

Employers should have a knowledgeable program that teaches employees about the dangers and safety standards of DEA drug disposal to help ensure compliance is always upheld. Training initiatives can be deployed to keep your staff up to date on proper practices and what to look for. Regular meetings can efficiently address important hazards before they become a problem.

It will also be important to create a program that properly separates different classifications of hazardous waste before disposal. Companies like Triumvirate Environmental can provide a pharmaceutical waste disposal program and the staffing required for complete compliance at every level of your business.

Complete Waste Management Solutions

To achieve the most sustainable results for your operations, safety regulations must be followed at all times. Our experienced pros will be able to provide a full range of waste management solutions for all DEA controlled substances, including:

  • Controlled substances per schedules I-V (CI-CV)
  • Drum quantity DEA controlled substances
  • Out-of-date, off-spec, and returned products
  • Illicit drugs from law enforcement
  • And more

Triumvirate Environmental relies on decades of experience and modern advancements to ensure we are providing the safest and most cost-effective solutions. When it comes to DEA waste management, special precautions will need to be taken to adhere to local and federal regulations. If you’re considering DEA or pharmaceutical waste services, click below and be sure to contact us to get in touch with our experts!