Here Are The 6 Project Phases To Every Lab Move (And Why They’re Important)


In-house expert, Ian Lanza recently hosted a webinar on strategies for hosting your lab move. While addressing the importance of a holistic approach to lab move management, he outlined six phases that are integral to that management strategy’s success. Here they are:



The first stage of any lab move project (big or small) is design. Engage all stakeholders and consider the building or lab design of the lab you’re moving into. Planning and involving all parties will improve continuity throughout the project and help ensure its simplicity and smoothness. 


This may seem intuitive, but it needs to be said. The more your discard before the move, the less you will have to move during the move. Discard wastes, expired materials and anything that may be irrelevant to the new location. This will reduce the risks of moving potentially hazardous materials as well as the cost. 


Executing the actual move is often times the most difficult part of a lab relocation project. Make sure there is a predetermined schedule conscious of time and logistics. Have team members on both sites to assure everything goes to plan and according to regulatory factors. 


To minimize liability with your landlord and ensure the lab space you’re moving out of is safe for its next inhabitants, decontaminate the lab space you’re moving out of. We recommend using ANZI standards to help reduce any potential liability. During this process, you should identify all contaminants, their location and the degree of contamination for each area. This list will help ensure that you are doing a thorough job decontaminating the space.

 Closure Assessment

After decontaminating and moving your lab, it’s important you complete a closure assessment. This assessment should include documentation of hazardous material removal, decontamination methods, definition of “clean” through quantitative methods, termination of permits and licensing and more. Having all these things documented will also help reduce liability and ensure safety for the next people in the lab. 

EHS Programs and Systems

Lastly, make sure everything is all set for your new facility to run smoothly. Though this is the last phase, some actions should be taken early. Remember, some permits take time to obtain. You may want to start the process early to prevent potential problems in the future. This is also a good opportunity to roll out new programs and systems as a part of the new operating facility. Develop expectations and systems with all teams for the first day and get started at your new lab! Thinking of the relocation as larger, holistic project will allow you to cut cost and reduce move time.

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